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MTV Divas Dance Hen Party

  • MTV Divas Hen Party Dance Class in Brighton - Nov 2015

    Can I please say a massive thank you to Tasha, our dance instructor, who taught our dance class on 7th November.
    She was so friendly and very good at her job! She took all ages into consideration and made an extra effort to use Taylor swift as a special request for the birthday girl. She was so patient and even joined in the giggling with us, an asset to your team. We still are practicing out routines on nights out!
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,
    Shani Smith

  • MTV Divas Hen Party in Chester - Nov 2014

    I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know what a fantastic time we had at the dance class on Saturday. Amy was a brilliant instructor and made the session really relaxed and fun. We all got into the spirit of it and dressed up as dance divas-have attached a picture for you! Will definitely be recommending your services again.


  • MTV Divas Hen Party - March 2012

    Hi CeCe/Greta,
    Just wanted to give you some feedback from our MTV diva dance party on saturday. We all had a great time and lots of laughs we all commented on how good it was and Kelly our instructor was fab! Thank you,

    Best wishes

  • MTV Divas party Blackpool

    Would just like to say thank you. Had an MTV divas party on Saturday 28th in Blackpool. Sarah was our coach. She was absolutely brilliant and we all had a really good time. I will definitely be recommending to others!

    Thank you

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MTV Divas Hen Party Dance Class

Dance like a Pop Star on your hen do with our MTV Divas Hen Party. We always wanted to be Pop Princesses like Britney, Kylie & Madonna, but we really can't sing. So we created a fab MTV Divas Dance hen party to give brides the chance to have that pop diva moment. This diva dance hen party is a chance for the bride and her hens to learn the famous dance moves of pop stars including the likes of Britney, Kylie, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, The Spice Girls and the queen of pop herself, Madonna. You'll get to do all the famous dance moves from their music videos and it's all choreographed specifically for hen groups - so it's just for laughs and lots of fun. You can even come dressed as your favourite pop princess - gold hotpants anyone?

Contact us at The Cheerleading Company to find out more or check availability. You can call us on 020 8672 4586, email or fill in the 'Check Availability' form opposite.

MTV Divas hen party breakdown & price

Hair flicking, hip wiggling & diva dancing, The MTV Divas hen party includes:'

Bullets:Please insert the features of the party as bullets

  • 1.5hr private dance class with a TCC qualified dance teacher in a smart dance studio
  • Warm up to Katy Perry (or song of your choice)
  • Learn the moves to Madonna 'Vogue', Kylie ' Spinning Around', Britney ' Hit me baby' and Spice Girls 'Stop'(all easy to reenact on the dance floor on a night out)
  • Beyonce Diva dance break
  • Commercial style group routine to Lady GaGa - suitable for wedding flashmob
  • Cool down to Cheryl Cole (or song of your choice)
  • Gift: Bottle of Bubbly for the bride
  • Bring your cameras and the teacher will film it for you

Price: £20-£30pp depending on group size & party date.

Want to know exactly what happens in the MTV Divas hen party? Click on the link below to read the choreographer's full description.

MTV Divas Choreographers: Hannah (& Jen)

This is the ultimate dance party when it comes to choreography. Watching Madonna and Kylie etc inspired me to want to be a performer and I love stars like Britney & Beyonce who make dance such a big part of their performance. So, getting to choreograph a dance class for hens to do tribute dances inspired by these fabulous Divas was really exciting.

I actually trained as a classical dancer and started my career with a Ballet company but I did a big switch early on when I moved down to London and discovered hip hop (yes - just like on 'Save the last dance'). I now specialise in commercial dance and have worked a lot in the music industry dancing at live gigs (twice at Glastonbury) as well as performing in music videos for bands so the MTV Divas party is right up my street.

The biggest challenge of the MTV Divas party is trying to pack everything in. How to make sure everyone's favourite Diva is included? I did some research within the TCC team and the consensus was that an MTV Divas party would not be complete without Madonna, Kylie, Britney and Beyonce. I even got Jen to help choreograph the Madonna Vogue section because she is a huge Madonna fan. What she did was hilarious - her routine picks up all the drama from the Vogue video with these 80's poses and then she breaks into that arm sequence that we all used to do. Classic!

The Spice girls caused some debate as some people seem tolove them or hate them but I'm on the 'Love' side so they made it into the final party. We do the 'Stop right now' routine which actually goes down really well because lots of people already know it so it brings back fun memories - perfect for a hen do. There were lots of other Divas who the TCC instructors wanted me to include (Whitney, Katy Perry, Christina, even Cheryl Cole) so in the end I designed the party so that the hens can choose a special song for the bride to be incorporated into the party as the warm up or cool down - that way we don't miss anyone out!

When it came to the big finale routine, I wanted a big party song from one of the biggest Divas going so it had to be Lady Gaga - Just Dance! This is such a great track and is perfect for a commercial style group routine. I wanted it to be something which would be really uplifting & fun for the bride & her hens to perform at the wedding if needed, and something where the bride would feel like a true pop star. And I love Lady Gaga as a costume inspiration. I've seen so many hens come in fancy dress costumes inspired by Lady Gaga - they put so much effort in and it always looks amazing.

So that's the story behind the MTV Divas party. I loved every minute of choreographing it and I hope that you all love dancing it on your hen parties.

Meet our lovely MTV Divas dance teachers

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Sarah in Chester & Liverpool

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Sarah in Chester & Liverpool
Hen Party Dance Teacher - Sarah in Chester & Liverpool

What are your top 3 Cheerleading Company hen parties in Chester & Liverpool

  1. MTV Divas – Madonna, Kylie, Britney, Beyonce & Lady Gaga all in one place!
  2. Dirty Dancing – it is just such a classic!
  3. Strictly Come Dancing – I was a ballroom baby and have always loved to dance

How long have you been teaching dance hen parties in Liverpool?
I have been teaching for The Cheerleading Company in Liverpool for four years now.

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Danni in Blackpool

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Danni in Blackpool
Hen Party Dance Teacher - Danni in Blackpool

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Blackpool?

  1. MTV Divas - I love this one because you cover so much, all your favourite divas! It includes so many fun styles and we do all those famous moves off the music videos.
  2. Single Ladies - This one just enables you to bring out your inner diva!!! You get to strut, shake it and perform exactly like Beyonce. And, learning the iconic routine is brilliant for any dance floor!
  3. Dirty Dancing- my all-time favourite movie. You get to have so much fun recreating the lift and saying those famous lines 'nobody puts baby in the corner'! Plus the music just makes you want to dance.

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Rachel in York

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Rachel in York
Hen Party Dance Teacher - Rachel in York

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in York?

  1. MTV Divas - I love pretending to be all the great Divas like Madonna, Kylie and Beyonce!
  2. Charleston hen party - because I love the 1920s era and seeing everyone's outfits they dress up in!
  3. Strictly hen party - because I am a super huge Strictly fan :)

Who are your dance inspirations?
As with most people I love watching people like Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, as they lead the way when it comes to being fabulous!!

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MTV Divas Hen Party costume ideas

MTV Divas Hen Party Costume Ideas

Yey - you're doing a MTV Divas hen party! There are so many amazing Pop star diva Costume ideas for your hen party, you've just got to choose your favourite MTV diva to dress up as.

Costumes - We're big fan of Britney and she offers up one of the easiest costumes to piece together perfect for a hen party theme: Britney's Schoolgirl costume. Everyone knows this iconic outfit. Our main tip is to remember that Britney's schoolgirl costume is grey so if you want to be authentic in your hen do's fancy dress then think charcoal grey skirt, and over the knee socks with a pale grey cardigan and white shirt and pig tails. 

unionjackdressThe Spice Girls are a great option for hen party costume ideas because you're bound to have at least one of the spice girls costumes in your wardrobe already. Posh Spice wears an LBD in Wannabe and we don't know a single lady who doesn't have an LBD in her closet. But hey, if you haven't got one, get one anyway they're lifesavers! Sporty Spice used to always be seen in a crop top (luckily they're back in fashion again) and Addidas trousers perhaps she inspired Sue Sylvester ;) Animal print would work for a Scary Spice costume as she often dressed in leopard print clothing. A baby doll 60s A-line white or pale dress would be the perfect Baby Spice Costume and of course a Union jack dress would be perfect for a Ginger Spice outfit, although not sure if anyone owns one of them.


If any of your hen group is daring enough then why not try Kylie's Gold hot pants, Madonna's cone bra or Lady Gaga's meat dress (maybe not!).

Hair & Make up - you can have lots of fun doing a MTV Divas makeover on the bride. We think Lady Gaga offers the most fun with regards to hair and make up and there are some great Gaga wigs out there for bargin prices and it's also relatively easy to draw a lightning bolt on your face.

ladygagawigFootwear - bare feet or trainers are recommended. You can wear dance shoes if you have them but I'd avoid high heels as you will probably want to save your feet for  your night out so keep it comfy for the dance lesson.

Have fun Diva hens : )



Hope our Cheerleading Company costume tips help you find your dance hen party outfits & we can't wait to see your costume photos : )

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MTV Diva Hen Party Dance Classes 

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