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Hen Party Dance Class Costume Ideas

Disney Hen Party Costume Ideas

Disney is one of my favourite ideas for fancy dress and it's great for a hen party. There are so many great Disney costume ideas for a hen party because Disney is such a broad and perfect hen party theme. We've put some photos up below of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Minnie Mouse, so I hope they help and I'm going to mention a few of my favourite Disney Costume ideas which I think would be perfect for a hen party.

Princess Jasmime from Aladdin costume ideas: If you're going for the Aladdin Princess Jasmine look then hareem pants are perfect for this. Luckily they are in fashion in particular as exercise/dance wear so they're not too hard to find. Go for a terquoise blue if you can and then try and get a matching or as similar colour as you can crop top. If you can't find anything similar then purchase a scrap of material in a matching colour and staple to a cheap or old bra. I've done this and it worked really well!

Belle from Beauty and The Beast costume ideas: I'm afraid I don't have any DIY Belle tips (well I do but they are rather complex and time consuming so I thought better of it). However there are a lot of Belle from Beauty and the Beast yellow dress costumes out there. If you look online you should easily be able to find a Belle from Beauty and the Beast costume. Be careful not to accidentally buy a childs one though!

Animals from The Lion King costume ideas: This is so simple because most people already have some kind of animal print in their wardrobes, so get it out and wear it and then all you need to do is to purchase some face paints, yes why not draw on the face of your chosen animal? or if you'd rather not then purchase an animal mask and you're done!

Hope our Cheerleading Company costume tips help you find your dance hen party outfits & we can't wait to see your costume photos : )


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