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Burlesque Hen Party Costume Ideas

Burlesque Hen Party Costume Ideas

Burlesque Hen Party Costume Ideas

Burlesque is one of my favourite costume ideas. For a Burlesque hen party costume all you really need is a corset, tights or fishnets, and a pair of long gloves. Every woman should own a corset, so if you don’t already have one it’s high time you bought one. Don’t be put off by the price, corsets don’t have to be expensive. In the run up to Christmas, Primark do a multitude of corsets for under £10 and in many different colours. I’ve got 3 (one in red, one in black and one in gold) and I’ve had them for about 5 years. They are great for various fancy dress costumes; I’ve used mine for my pirate costume and needless to say they come in handy at Halloween whether you’re a cat, witch or devil girl. 

glovesLong sleeved gloves are a must for the burlesque party as we include a special glove strip tease (although the instructors will bring spares for those who don't have their own). I already had a pair of these but there are plenty on ebay and surprisingly I’ve recently found long sleeved gloves in the pound shop would you believe and feather boas also. To complete the burlesque fancy dress outfit, personally I’d then wear a short black skirt, or even black shorts as I like the idea of a sort of Liza Minnelli Cabaret style Burlesque costume.  I wouldn’t dare to wear just my panties in public but snaps to those ladies who do! ; )

Burlesque Hair and Make up ideasmakeupburlesque

When I think of burlesque make up and hair I think of the glamorous pin ups of the 40's and 50's. I don’t have the patience to set my hair like the beautiful Dita Von Teese, but it's not too hard to just roll back and pin up the front two sections either side of your face to create a rough attempt of the shape. Roll the hair away from your face and if possible, back comb the underneath bit to give the sides more volume & create that 1940's look. I’m more than happy to wear burlesque make up. Firstly a dark red lipstick is a must! I don’t think any burlesque artist would be caught without red lipstick. A drawn on beauty spot is a fun accessory. A touch of rouge although don’t overdo it. And a generous helping of black eyeliner. I think liquid black eyeliner is the key to a cleaner look and of course a pair of falsies or mascara.

burlesqueheelsBurlesque Footwear ideas - if possible, you need to bring a pair of high heels to wear for the burlesque workshop section but then you will take them off later for the group dance - mainly to save your feet for the night out. So bring a pair of flats / trainers as well, or bare feet are fine.cheerlogo350

Hope our Cheerleading Company costume tips help you find your dance hen party outfits & we can't wait to see your costume photos : )

Burlesque Hen Party Dance Classes

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