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Cheerleading Hen Party Costume Ideas

Cheerleading Hen Party Costume Ideas

Cheerleading Dance Class Hen Party Ideas

Well finding a Cheerleading costume has never been a problem for me because I literally have hundreds of them which I use for Pineapple Cheerleaders! Ours are made to order for the pro team but you don't need anything like that for a hen do. You can find lots of cheerleading outfits in many costume and fancy dress shops online and most are under £30 so they are a cheap and easy solution if you're looking for cheerleading costume ideas. 

Personally I'm more in favour of a create your own cheerleading uniform approach. You can easily make the perfect Cheerleading costume for your cheerleading squad and it's fun to make it personal after all. First choose a couple of key colours and second stick to them. Then make sure you mix and match within those colours eg. Your 3 colours could be Pink, white and black. Then you could wear Black skirts, pink socks, white tops, pink cardigans and white belts and voila you have a cheerleading uniform! At the simplest level as long as you all use the 3 chosen colours it doesn't matter which item of clothes each colour is just mix and match and you'll look like a pretty hot cheerleading squad! If anyone ís ever seen Bring It On - In It To Win It (which you may not have as it's Bring it on 5!) they actually do this in that film. 
cheermoodboard1Another fun idea is to have a one colour theme. Eg everyone wear just red! It brings everyone together and makes you look unified. Or if you wanted to all wear printed tops thatís very simple and cost effective and is a fab idea to create a cheerleading costume. We usualy use pink or white poms for hen parties if you want to be truly coordinated. 

Cheerleading Hair and Make up ideas.
Iíll let you in on a secret there a 2 very differing styles of hair for cheerleading! If you like the idea of the American professional Cheerleaders - something our very own Pineapple Cheerleaders were modelled on then think big hair and wear it out. If youíre thinking varsity/traditional cheerleader then go for bunches or a high ponytail but basically make sure your hair is out of your face and if it was competition time then your hair would be in braids, braids and more French braids! Don't forget a ribbon or a bow!frenchbraid

Cheerleading Footwear ideas - trainers are recommended.

Hope our Cheerleading Company costume tips help you find your dance hen party outfits & we can't wait to see your costume photos : )



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