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Diary of a Cheerleader

HSM - Make it Happen - Cheer Diary

Filming Pineapple Cheerleaders performing a routine for Disney HSMHSM shoot for Disney Channel

By Kimberley

“GO WILDCATS!” Today was like a dream come true, as we were guest performers on The Disney Channel’s new High School Musical TV show. We do lots of work for Disney HSM and so we’re all huge fans of the movies and knew that we were in for a treat. When we arrived on set it was just like walking into a scene from High School Musical. The gym floor glistened in the spotlights, the scoreboard was flashing and there were crowds of kids on the bleachers dressed in Wildcats colours, waving foam hands, flags and mini poms. I could just picture Troy Bolton landing a jump shot in one of the basketball hoops. Sadly Mr Efron wasn’t there, but there were a few London Towers basketball players showing off their ball skills. Everywhere we turned there were cameras, lights, and people singing and dancing. But everyone stopped to watch the squad as we strode across the basketball court in our slick PC tracksuits & matching kit bags. We felt like a film-stars! 

We had a quick walk-through of our routines so the cameramen could get the best possible shots of our moves – after all they are too good to miss! Then we headed to our dressing room to get changed into our HSM cheerleader uniforms and perfect our hair and make-up. We always like to look our best but we thought we’d make an extra effort for Disney.

After a short rehearsal and impromptu food break courtesy of Emma (who for some reason had brought mountains of chocolate covered popcorn with her) it was showtime. We warmed up then hid in the players’ entrance waiting for our queue. Our song came on, the cameras were rolling and then it was ‘action’. We ran out onto the court cheering and waving our pom pons and 200 screaming kids jumped up and cheered back at us in excitement. They got even more hyper when we started to dance and by the time we’d done our stunts, kickline and big finish with the whole squad jumping into the splits, they were uncontrollable. The director had to calm them all down ready for us to do another take for the different angles. It was so cool having such a great crowd.

Afterwards the kids were all coming up to us telling us that they wanted to be cheerleaders too! But the icing on the cake was when Kevin Adams (choreographer on Fame Academy) came up to our coach and told her how impressed he was with the squad. It was a huge compliment as he is an amazing dancer and choreographer and has worked with top stars like Paula Abdul, Mariah Carey and the Spice Girls.

Then it was time for the big finale so we were up on the podiums, leading the kids in a huge group dance to ‘We’re all in this together!’ All 200 of them had learnt the moves from High School Musical and so it was a performance on a huge scale which felt exactly like being in the movie. The atmosphere was amazing - I could not stop smiling! As it was for TV we had to perform our routine three times so they could get lots of different shots of us. At the end of the third performance lots of glitter and balloons were released from the ceiling. We were having so much fun that even when everyone else had stopped dancing the PC’s continued to freestyle. We were all exhausted when it had finished but it was totally worth it!

We had such a fun day... Look out for us on the Disney channel soon... I can’t wait 