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Diary of a Cheerleader

Cheer Diary - Cafe De Paris gig

Pineapple Cheerleaders on stage at Cafe de ParisCafe De Paris gig

by Aimee

''I got a feeling...that tonight's gonna be a good night!''
...and we weren't wrong, five of the P.C's partied the night away at the famous Cafe De Paris. We arrived at around 10pm and were shown to our changing area. Once ready, we were greeted with a bottle of champagne and numerous different cocktails! Now we were cafeful not to get too carried away as it wasn't long before we were needed to get the party started.

We were hosting the event so we had performances and podium dancing scheduled throughout the night as well as time slots for the photos to entertain the guests. People love to party with the Pineapple Cheerleaders so we like to have fun with them.
To kick things off, Bianca, Mari and I headed to the podium area, up we jumped onto our very own little stages and started freestyling with our pom pons... Lady Gaga was being blasted out the speakers...PERFECT!

After an hour of kicks and tricks on the podiums it was time for photo opps and first in the queue were our newest fans the X Factor contestants! The crowd loved posing for photos with us and we took shifts to make sure that everyone got their turn. It took hours but no one minded as we love having our photo taken too!
Afterwards, we all headed to the dance floor where Kelly Rowlands' DJ was on the decks...it was so much fun!

We ended the night performing our signature routine on the stage with a massive firework explosion at the end... it was a major hit with the partygoers and a great way to finish a fantastic night.