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Diary of a Cheerleader

Forward 3D gig - Cheer Diary

Cheerleaders posing at Excel LondonForward 3D corporate promo gig

By Sarah

Question - How do you get your business noticed in a room full of competitors?

Answer – By hiring a group of head turning, attention seeking, glamorous cheerleaders of course!

‘Forward 3D’ DEFINITELY got this one right when they asked us along to help them boost their profile at the Business Start Up exhibition in the impressive ExCel Exhibition Centre.

So... We arrived bright and early at the venue in our PC tracksuits, with our hair and make-up looking fabulous (as always!).  We were lead to a huge exhibition hall absolutely full of hundreds of different businesses setting up for what looked to be an exciting day.

Everybody’s stand looked great, but little did they know they were about to be outshone by an exhibitor who had hired cheerleaders! We love surprising people!!! We all came bouncing out cheering for Forward 3D, wearing our gorgeous white and green costumes with matching green poms to fit with the company colours.The reaction was fantastic. People instantly stopped in their tracks to watch and listen. Our job was to attract a crowd so that the Forward 3D representatives could hand out flyers and tell people about their service.

Nobody knew what had hit them! Unexpected yet very much appreciated in this crowd of entrepreneurs we managed to attract a lot of interest. Our mixture of high energy cheers and posing for photos is always popular at a corporate event.

We also got a chance to let our intellectual side shine through with all our talk of online marketing and search engine optimisation (yes...not just pretty faces you know! hehe.) Throughout the day we continued with cheering and promoting the stand and generally grabbing the attention of everyone who came near us. With our infectious smiles and eye-catching outfits who could possibly resist!

All in all a fab day! Forward 3D were really pleased with all the hype we created for them and us girls had a fun excuse to cause a bit of a spectacle. Plus, for all of the entrepreneurs attending the event, we like to think that we made their day just that little bit more exciting ;)