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Diary of a Cheerleader

Ascot Bus Promo - Cheer Diary

Cheerleaders and Jockeys tour London on an open top busAscot promo

By Rossella

Dear Cheer Diary, today wasn’t just any other cheer day, today we yelled and posed from an open top bus, touring central London! That right, Ascot invited us to their press day for the Shergar Cup where, as usual we added all the glamour and joy anyone could ever want for a P.R. stunt!

Meeting point: The Ritz! What an exclusive bus stop. The race is sponsored by Dubai Duty Free and everyone was staying at the hotel so we were treated to tea in an absolutely stunning private drawing room whilst we waited for the bus. Before boarding we meet the incredible international jockeys; Maresh Narredu (India), Ahmed Ajtebi (UAE) and Hiroyuki Uchida (Japan).  Click, Click, Flash, Flash the hungry photographers get their first shots with the beautiful Ritz backdrop, us, and the Shergar Cup trophy gleaming as a centre piece.

All aboard, Cheerleaders, Jockeys, entourage and a dozen photographers all ready to enjoy the sights of London on a glorious sunny day.  The open top bus travelled past Harrods, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the London eye, all of which were once again backdrops of desire by all the photographers, and we were happy to enhance the beauty of each shot! What do you think?  Smoking picture right!

Tour over, we stop at  St James’s Park to perform one of our a customized routines for the BBC TV cameras, who simply could not wait for Race day to come…therefore.. Ready, ok! Jai Ho‘s playing, the Cheerleaders are dancing away and the cameras are rolling!

Finally, as we were posing for the last photos, we are surprised and thrilled to find the spirit of a cheerleader in Hiroyuki Uchida, who performed an incredible back flip (suited and booted) with great elegance! Well done Hiroyuki, we scored the front page of the Racing post with your great stunt!

In fact, the cheerleaders were on the front pages of the Racing post for two days running in the lead up to the event. Ascot were delighted with the coverage as it was the most successful P.R. they’d ever had for one event. Good work PC’s