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Diary of a Cheerleader

Lords Cricket - Cheer Diary

Lords 20-20 Cricket

By Suzy

Wow 40,000 Cricket fans had a real treat today! Not only were the Indian Premier League 20-20 winners Rajasthan Royals at Lords to play a match against Middlesex but Shilpa Shetty and Pineapple Cheerleaders were also there to entertain them.

We split the squad in half and were cheering on opposite teams for the day. Half of us were in pink uniforms with matching poms, cheering for Middlesex County Cricket Club and the others were in royal blue and gold, cheering for the Rajasthan Royals. Every time our team got a 6 or caught the ball we had to jump up and perform a victory dance on our podiums.

I was cheering for Rajasthan and it was an amazing experience – their fans treated us like stars! There were literally thousands of India supporters there, in a sea of royal blue and they absolutely adored us. When we appeared in Rajasthan colours, the crowd went wild, cheering us as we walked onto the pitch and all shouting to us to look their way for photos. There were so many cameras flashing it took us about 20 mins to walk over to our stand as everyone wanted us to stop and pose for them. One man even passed his 2 year old child over the barrier for us to hold for a photo. We had learnt a Bollywood inspired cheer routine to their team’s song Halla Ho and by the end of rehearsals, we couldn’t stop singing it, although we had no idea what it meant. So when it came time to perform our first victory dance we leapt up. The fans response was fantastic. They loved our dance to Halla Ho and by the end of the match, the fans were joining in with us, singing along and trying to copy our victory dance moves every time their team did well (which was very frequent). They even adapted their team cheer ‘India catch the ball’ to ‘cheerleaders catch the ball’ and cheered us on as well as the players.

In the perfect end to the perfect cheer experience, Rajasthan won the match and the crowd were ecstatic – as were we. We jumped up onto our podium and posed for victory photos. The cameras were flashing even more than before and so, being good cheerleaders, we stayed and posed for about 40 mins, walking slowly along our part of the pitch and looking up and down at all of the stands to make sure that everyone got a good shot. One of the fans threw us an India flag which we held up for photos and the whole crowd cheered. Anyone would have thought that we’d just won the match ourselves!

We love you Rajasthan Royals fans!

Finally it was off to change into our LBD's and join Shilpa Shetty, Shane Warne and the two teams at the after party. I think cricket should have cheerleaders more often, don't you agree?