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Diary of a Cheerleader

Calendar shoot - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders in their dressing gowns at the shootPineapple Cheerleaders 2010 Calendar Shoot!

By Elle

Mr Photographer, I think I’m ready for my close up!

Yey! It is finally here; the number one day that every PC is waiting for: The Calendar Shoot!

No need to say how excited I was about the shoot – it is the biggest day of the year for the squad as it is a really ambitious shoot which covers the team shot, our individual profile shots and, most importantly, the 2010 calendar. We all had different arrival times and a personalised schedule. I was really nervous about it. I had been tanning, toning and practising my smile all week leading up to the shoot, and the night before I checked about three times if I had packed all my styling products and other accessories.

Once I walked up the stairs and into the photo studio, all my fears disappeared. The photographer welcomed us with a big smile and directed us towards the make up and dressing areas. The studio was really stylish with contemporary wallpaper and a boutique style “chilling lounge”. Schedules of the shoot were hung up in different places in order for us to get the right outfits for the right shoot, all of which were hung up in number order with our names on. Professional make up artists and stylists were also there to make sure the shoot went smoothly. What a feeling to be treated like stars!

First up were the individual shoots for our homepage profiles. This was especially exciting since these shots will be the ones our clients will see on our homepage. And being on your own, you really get to show off to the camera. Then was the turn of our Calendar photos: our December shoot with our really cute Christmas outfits, our impressive kick and split lines and obviously our 2010 team photo. Thanks to the previous rehearsals (yes we even rehearse for photo shoots!) it only took us a few seconds to get into position and the shoot ran really smoothly.

Last but not least was the turn of our bikini pictures for the summer months. Everyone had different colour bikinis with matching heels and pom pons. We looked so cute and it was such fun, although trying to time the jump shots to hit our choreographed poses in the air whilst in killer heels was very tricky – we landed on each others toes a lot but the shot looked great so no pain no gain!

All in all, we managed to finish ahead of schedule (which is really unusual for photo shoots). Our professionalism was acknowledged by the photographer who also told us he had never had so much fun on a shoot! It was a great experience and extremely glamorous. I am already looking forward to next year’s.

Enjoy the pics and make sure you get your 2010 PC calendar!