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Class & Course Reviews

Check out the fab reviews of our Beginners Cheerleading Class at Pineapple Dance Studios. The class is drop in and held on Saturdays at 12pm in studio 12.....

"I was never the coolest, prettiest or most popular girl in school, but there's something about picking up a pair of pom pons that made me feel like all of those things." - Now Magazine

"This is my dream workout: warm up to Madonna then pom pon routine to a Kylie mega-mix." - New Woman

"As the lesson comes to an end and I reluctantly hand back my pom pons, I realise that whether attending Pilates, spinning or aerobics, I have never laughed so much in a gym class before. If clumsy women like me can emerge from an hour of exercise feeling like a homecoming queen, this is a fitness trend that's here to stay." - Daily Express

"If you don't try it, you're missing out." - Evening Standard

"Whether it's fitness or just a bit of fun you're after, this is a fantastically girlie way to do it." - Select

"It's a thorough cardio workout and I felt my arms and legs working overtime. But aside from the physical benefits, it's a great way to unwind and a complete break from the norm. After all, there aren't many opportunities to jump around with glittery pom pons in day-to-day life." - Health & Fitness

"So much fun you forget you're exercising. And you don't have to wear a pleated mini skirt." - The London Paper