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The Cheerleading team building workshop is filled with pom pom shaking & laughs. Cheerleading team building is a great icebreaker, you’ll work together on pom dance and on personalised corporate cheers. Plus adventurous groups, who want a team building challenge, can even try group stunting! The Cheerleading workshop is all about achieving excellence together while successfully overcoming challenges as a team. This option tends to be more popular among female teams BUT historically cheerleading was originally a male sport! Don’t be shy guys pick up the poms!

We offer cheerleading team building workshops in London and over 20 cities nationwide!

Email   for more info or to book a cheerleading team building workshop. Or if you'd like to chat with one of our team just call us on 02086724586 


Cheerleading - In the Cheerleading workshop expect pom dance, stunts & personalised corporate cheers.   Salsa - Salsa dance is great for a team building activity. There is also the option to base the session around the famous dances of Dirty Dancing including that lift! 
Single Ladies - Bring your team together, learn the moves to the famous Beyoncé Single Ladies dance. Justin Timberlake made a fierce Beyoncé!   Thriller - Learn Michael Jackson's iconic dance moves including the Thriller dance in this team building dance class!
Strictly - Dance Latin and Ballroom in your Strictly Come Dancing team building workshop. Learn Tango, Salsa, Charleston and that unforgettable Paso Doble drag across the floor!   Charleston 1920s - Learn the Charleston basics in a team building activity. Then do a classic Charleston routine.
80s - Learn the 80s dance moves including; break dance to Vanilla Ice, the Thriller routine, and in true 80s style leap around to Fame and Flashdance what a feeling.  

Grease - Try our Grease team building dance class. Filled with 50’s High School fun including the hand jive.

Bollywood - You'll learn classic Bollywood and Bhangra and a group dance. It’s a great opportunity to include corporate messages as you’ll discover! Plus we actually danced in hit Bollywood film Patiala House!    Street Dance - A Street dance lesson is a great team building exercise. Become a street dance crew and learn Locking and Popping and commercial street dance!


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