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Hen Party Dance Teacher - Annabel in London & Oxford

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Annabel in London & Oxford

What are your top 3 Cheerleading Company hen parties in London and Oxford?

  1. Dirty Dancing hen party
  2. 80’s hen party
  3. Single Ladies hen party

What do you like about teaching hen parties in Oxford?
I love finding out the surprises the hens have arranged for the wonderful brides as well as the plans for the wedding day. The parties are always a giggle.  My favourite moment so far in a party was when all the hens would shout out words and they would all make arranged poses no matter what position they were already in. It was hilarious – although you probably had to be there!

How did you become a dancer?
I studied Choreography and Dance at the University of Winchester. I specialise in contemporary and commercial dance but if it involves any style of dancing I am there. I now perform and teach and I have taught non-able, adults and through to older adults. My dance inspirations include Russell Maliphant and Matthew Bourne who can achieve laughter in the most mysterious places. Dancing should always be about having fun. Teaching hen parties definitely fits with my teaching style and I've been teaching hen parties for The Cheerleading Company for nearly 2 years now. It is so much fun.

What is your favourite dance experience?
Without a doubt it was performing at the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. It was completely awesome and something I will remember forever.

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