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Hen Party Dance Teacher - Charlotte in Windsor

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Charlotte in Windsor

What are your Top 3 Favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties:

  1. Single Ladies – because the choreography is so good
  2. Cheerleading – because everyone loves the pom poms
  3. Dirty Dancing – because of the lift

What do you love most about teaching hen parties?
I enjoy making hen parties a special, memorable day for the bride and her friends. I particularly enjoy seeing the bride’s faces when we reveal the theme of the party for the first time!

What is your favourite hen party moment?
My favourite hen party moment was at a Single Ladies hen party in Cambridge when a bride’s mother and mother in law improvised in the style of Beyonce and started bumping and grinding on the floor! The bride looked shocked and said later on she had never seen her mother looking so confident and hip!

What is your favourite form of dance?
When I first started dancing, I enjoyed ballet more than any other subject because of the beauty of the technique and the lines. I started branching out to other subjects at college and then I went onto study at London Studio Centre and graduated with a 2:1 Degree in Theatre Dance, where I was intensively trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Street, Pointe work, Contemporary, Salsa, Partnering, Singing and Acting. But I think that Ballet is still my favourite. I love the little Ballet section that we do in the Fame Hen Party – it reminds me of going to Ballet classes when I was a little girl.

Who are your dance inspirations?
My inspiration comes from watching clips of Wade Robson on So You Think You Can Dance many years ago when it was based in America and Sofia Boutella, a phenomenal athlete and performer. I also enjoy the old movie musical heroes such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly- both dancers who made the most difficult routines look effortless!

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