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Hen Party Dance Teacher - Danni in Blackpool

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Danni in Blackpool

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Blackpool?

  1. MTV Divas - I love this one because you cover so much, all your favourite divas! It includes so many fun styles and we do all those famous moves off the music videos.
  2. Single Ladies - This one just enables you to bring out your inner diva!!! You get to strut, shake it and perform exactly like Beyonce. And, learning the iconic routine is brilliant for any dance floor!
  3. Dirty Dancing- my all-time favourite movie. You get to have so much fun recreating the lift and saying those famous lines 'nobody puts baby in the corner'! Plus the music just makes you want to dance.

Why do you like teaching hen parties in Blackpool?
I have been working for The Cheerleading Company since 2011. The main reason I love it is because it FUN!!! Everyone has a good time whether you can dance or have 2 left feet. It’s just so enjoyable it doesn’t matter!! I also love to share my passion for dance by teaching others.

What is your dance experience?
I started with a strong ballet background but professionally, I have become more into street dance and commercial style. I originally studied FDI teaching in ballet and jazz in Bournemouth. I then found a love for salsa and studied this for 2 years and went on to teach professionally – another reason I love the Dirty Dancing party! Over the years, I have worked with Shane Richie, Bradley Walsh, Cheeky Girls, Gareth Gates and even Keith Harris and Orville. In 2010 I was lucky enough to become a backing dancer for X-Factor’s Same Difference and did a UK concert tour! My career has taken me all around Europe where I have taught all ages and even in different languages!!

Who are your dance inspirations?
One of my ultimate inspirations in dance is Kimberley Wyatt. She extremely versatile and can perform anything with so much passion and power. I love to do choreography. Choreographers like Wade Robson and Laurianne Gibson are my all-time favourites and from an early age gave me aspirations to dance, choreograph and teach!!

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