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Hen Party Dance Teacher - Harriet in Newcastle & Durham

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Harriet in Newcastle & Durham

What are your top 3, all-time favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Newcastle?

  1. Single Ladies Hen Party – I love Beyonce!
  2. Cheerleading hen parties – because I am an ex cheerleader and I love the excuse to pick up my poms again
  3. 80’s hen parties – it is so cheesy and funny – the groups are always in hysterics!

How did you become a Cheerleading Company hen party instructor?
I am a trained dancer and ex-cheerleader so working for the Cheerleading Company is an ideal job for me.

I have studied a range of different dance styles so it is great to get the opportunity to use my skills for the different styles of parties that we offer. I started off as a classically trained dancer and have studied Modern, Ballet and Jazz so these are all close to my heart. I went on to join a street dance group for performance work which developed my commercial side and professional experience.  I also spent several years in a competitive cheerleading group, and have competed at nationals; it was such a buzz and something I always try to re-create in my cheerleading hen parties. Teaching dance was a natural progression for me and I teach at a children’s dance school as well as doing Cheerleading Company Hen parties. It is such a rewarding job.

Who are your dance inspirations?
I love going to watch the Ballet – it is always so inspiring as I just love the quality of movement in the dance; a most recent watch was the Scottish ballet’s performance of Hansel and Gretel which was enchanting and really creative. But also, I love watching music videos, Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Britney and many more! 

What do you like best about teaching hen parties in Newcastle?
I have been coaching hen parties for two years now, and I love being part of a soon-to-be bride’s special occasion. All the hens and the bride are always so eager and excited for the class. It great to see them all having fun and laughing, and learning a dance which you know they will love. Even better, at the end of the class, when the dance and workshop is all put together, I love seeing the end result and videoing it for the hens so that they can see how far they have come. They are always so pleased with their performances – and so they should be.

What are your most memorable hen party moments?
My best moments from teaching the hen parties is always the end of the party, watching the groups being impressed with themselves usually looking over videos and photos and thanking me. Another great moment was in a cheer party. The hen party instructors are given flexibility to personalise the music where possible and I had found out that the hen was soon to be marrying an American so I played ‘American boy’ for the cool down. The bride & her family were really moved and they sang along so it was really lovely to be able make it so special for her.

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