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Hen Party Dance Teacher - Jen in London

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Jennifer in London

What are your top 3 Cheerleading Company hen parties? 

  1. Cheerleading – I love Cheerleading and it always makes me happy to do this party!
  2. Glee – So many different styles of dancing and so much fun, and of course I love the TV series!!
  3. Dirty Dancing – Love the film, the music and the lift!

How did you become a Cheerleading Instructor?
I started young by joining my local Majorette troupe so cheerleading was a natural progression for me. I have been a fully qualified BCA Cheerleading instructor for 7 years now, and I teach classes at the Pineapple Dance studios as well as hen parties for The Cheerleading Company.

I love the combination of technical moves and stunts mixed with the glitz and fun of a choreographed pom pom routine.

What was your favourite hen party moment?
Working with hen parties is always good fun as people are there to have a good time and enjoy themselves. One of my favourite hen party moments was during a Grease hen party in London. The Grease hen party involves a dance-off competition. The hen group was made up of friends and family from all generations and during the dance-off everyone was really going for it trying to be the best. However, no-one could come close to the bride’s Nan who out-danced everyone with her hand jiving, shimmies and floor work! Everyone was clapping and cheering her on and of course she was the outstanding winner. I love moments like that in our hen parties because it’s the time when people are brought together, whether they previously knew each other or not, enjoying themselves and creating good stories to talk about later! 

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  • Cheerleading Hen Party in Oxford

    Cheerleading Hen Party in Oxford

    Hi Ce e

    I just wanted to write to say what a great time we all had at our Cheerleading party last weekend. A few of the hens were slightly dubious about the idea of a Cheerleading party however, thanks to our great coach, Jen, we all had a fantastic time. Jen was brilliant - very enthusiastic, clear and precise with her instructions and brought a lot of fun to our group. I will highly recommend your company to future party planners.
 Thanks again for all your help in arranging this and for helping make our hen party unique and fun.


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  • Cheerleading Hen Party Brighton

    Cheerleading Hen Party Brighton

    Everyone in the group really enjoyed the cheerleading, it was such a different and fun thing to do and so memorable for everyone, especially the bride. The coach was lovely and amazingly managed to get us all going in the same direction!! and it was so handy having her come to our venue. We loved it, the personalised chants are a really nice touch and everyone said they'd love to do it again. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone and know we'll be talking about it at our girlie nights for some time to come! Thanks

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  • Cheerleading hen party London

    Cheerleading hen party London

    Dear Greta,
    We had an amazing time thank you and Jen was a great coach. So much laughing and even the bride's mother got really involved which was great. 

    Thanks again,

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