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Hen Party Dance Teacher - Katie in Brentwood & Essex

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Katie in Brentwood, Essex

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Brentwood?

  1. 80’s hen party - One of my favourite eras, I mean who doesn’t like break dancing?!! Not to mention Thriller?!!
  2. Dirty Dancing hen party – I absolutely love the film and could probably recite every line!!  Doing the Iconic baby lift is a really special moment for the bride and all her hens.
  3. Glee hen party – I’m a self confessed Gleek!  Singing, dancing....cheese, I love it!!

What inspired you to want to become a dancer?
I was brought up on old Fred Astair, Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly films which I was absolutely obsessed with.  I would sit for hours watching the dances over and over again and then would try to recreate them in my front room (much to my brother’s annoyance!)  I would show anyone that would watch!  I was, and still am mesmerised by every aspect of this style, the fun, the technique, the ease of movement, the choreography and music combined.  This was definitely a huge inspiration for me and still to this day I love sitting down with a cuppa and sticking on an old MGM musical.  

How did you train to become a dance teacher?
I trained for three years at London’s Bird college gaining a first class honours degree and have danced professionally ever since.  I specialise in a variety of dance styles from musical theatre, jazz and tap to ballet and contemporary.  I have performed in a number of tours and love the buzz you get performing to a live audience. I have taught dance for a number of years now and thoroughly enjoy it.  I teach in mainstream schools and specialised dance schools as well as leisure and community centres.  I find teaching incredibly rewarding; the thought of inspiring others in something I am so passionate about can’t be beaten. 

What do you like about teaching dance hen parties?
I have been coaching hen parties for around 6 months and I can honestly say it’s one of my favourite jobs, in fact It doesn’t even feel like work! Coaching hen parties no matter what the theme is always such a fun experience.  It’s amazing when a group comes together, many having only just met that morning and after an hour and a half of fun and laughter they have created a wonderful dance piece along with some lifelong memories.  I feel very honoured to be a part of something as special as a bride’s hen party. 

What is your favourite hen party moment?
One of my most memorable hen parties was a Glee themed party where the Bride was a huge fan of Glee (I mean a HUGE fan!)  It was her lifelong dream to perform as part of the Glee cast.  At the end of the party she was just so overwhelmed that she had as good as achieved this dream with the people closest to her.  

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