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Hen Party Dance Teacher - Lex in Manchester

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Lex in Manchester

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Manchester?

  1. Grease – because I love the hand jive and doing all the different silly moves of all the characters, everyone is always in stitches!
  2. Single ladies – because it’s the style of dance I specialise in and the choreography is just like the video –  everyone is always really chuffed they’ve done it!
  3. Burlesque – because I love the music and the style of dance as its very expressive but at the same time a lot of fun.

What is your favourite hen party moment in Manchester?
This is hard because I’ve been teaching hen parties for years now so there have been loads. It’s always fun teaching the different dance themes, especially when they mean something to the hen, like their favourite film e.g. Dirty Dancing or music e.g. 80’s. I remember one Grease hen party in Manchester - the maid of honour’s boyfriend dressed up as Danny and surprised the party, he did the whole routine with our hen, Sandy! He was such a great sport and the whole hen party was hilarious. It’s great being part of their special celebrations.

How did you become a Cheerleading instructor in Manchester?
I have always loved dance and have trained in a wide range of dance styles including contemporary, street, jazz and freestyle. I got into cheerleading when I lived in London. I auditioned for the Pineapple Cheerleaders back in 2006 and got bitten by the cheerleading bug. As professional cheerleaders we got to do some amazing performances including TV ads, Sunday Night Project TV trailer shoot, Steven Fry’s Book Launch and a party hosted by Paris Hilton!  After leaving London I wanted to continue with The Cheerleading Company so in 2009 I went on to train to become a coach and am now a qualified Cheerleading instructor with UKCA and have been teaching ever since!

Do you still do dance performances?
Absolutely, I love performing. Since moving to Manchester I have specialised in commercial dance and I have performed in high profile clubs, as well as theatre, concerts and cabaret.  I have even worked with a few celebs including Richard Branson and Al Gore, Judge Jules, the cast of X factor and TOWIE!!!

Who are your dance inspirations?
The dancers I look up to are ones that capture you with their performance, like Beyonce. She is incredible. I also have a guilty pleasure which is Gene Kelly. I grew up watching singing in the rain and he is a brilliant technical dancer. He also introduces comedy into dance and doesn’t take himself too seriously…which is what our hen parties are all about!

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