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Hen Party Dance Teacher - Rachel in York

Hen Party Dance Teacher - Rachel in York

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in York?

  1. MTV Divas - I love pretending to be all the great Divas like Madonna, Kylie and Beyonce!
  2. Charleston hen party - because I love the 1920s era and seeing everyone's outfits they dress up in!
  3. Strictly hen party - because I am a super huge Strictly fan :)

Who are your dance inspirations?
As with most people I love watching people like Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, as they lead the way when it comes to being fabulous!!

 But I love the classics as well and no matter how many times I watch it, I’m always entertained by Fosse’s choreography. That said, my all-time favourite choreographer is Matthew Bourne. His shows are like nothing else and absolutely stunning. My inspiration as a dancer though, comes from my friends. Seeing how hard they've worked and what they've achieved is more inspirational than any celeb!

How did you get into teaching dance hen parties for The Cheerleading Company?
I have always attended dance lessons and as soon as I was able, I got involved with teaching classes. I was 14 when I taught my first dance class and I loved every minute. I knew it was what I wanted to do. At 18, I went to train professionally at Laine Theatre Arts, which is a prestigious musical theatre college in London. It gave me a great grounding in technique as well as exposure to a range of dance styles. My favourite style of dance is street dance and commercial which comes in handy for our MTV Divas hen parties.

After graduating I did a mixture of performing and teaching professionally. As well as teaching in England, I have taught around the world on cruise ships to people from all walks of life. Teaching on cruises is a bit like hen parties because everyone is on holiday and it’s all about having fun. I joined The Cheerleading Company when I got back from performing & teaching on a cruise ship. It is great to have that fun feeling of teaching people who are on holiday / hen weekend, but with my feet on dry land! It is also perfect for me because I love that I have the opportunity to teach all different styles of dance and cheerleading too of course!

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