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Hen Party Dance Teacher - Sam in Chester

Hen Party Dance Teacher Sam in Chester

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Chester?

1. Dirty Dancing - It's my all time favourite movie- it inspired me to start dancing! The lift is also great!
2. Single Ladies - Because Beyonce is such an idol and the party is so much fun.
3. Burlesque - I love seeing the ladies become confident and sexy in themselves, it's lovely!

What do you love about teaching hen parties in Chester?
I love teaching dance hen parties as it is always such a laugh and everybody is always so excited when they put the routine together with the music! The atmosphere is always great and it is so rewarding to watch the more timid participants come to life and really enjoy themselves. It is also wonderful to see ladies who don't usually dance love it so much! My favourite part about teaching the hen parties is when they ask me to film the group at the end so that they can perform the routine at their wedding! This makes you feel like you've really added something to their whole wedding experience.

What dance experience have you had?
I graduated from The Hammond School of performing arts in 2012 with a Diploma in Professional Dance. I danced there for 8 years training in a range of styles, Ballet, Contemporary, Street, Tap, Jazz, all sorts! Always coming home to dance around the kitchen!
After graduating I achieved my first professional job dancing aboard a Costa Cruise Ship, I trained in Italy for 3 weeks and then sailed around the Mediterranean and Europe performing in the onboard shows for 6 months. I then landed my second professional job working on-board the Pacific Jewel with the P&O Australia Cruise Fleet. I trained in Sydney for 6 weeks (where I fell in love with the city) and then performed within the musical theatre and technical dance shows for 7 months, meanwhile travelling around Australia, the Pacific Islands and Asia. Work on-board included performing three shows a night and taking part in day time activities including hosting water aerobics, exercise classes and dance classes of various styles with varying groups of all abilities! Alike teaching for The Cheerleading Company the atmosphere on-board was always happy and fun, and I have always found that same great atmosphere with the hen parties I have taught!

Who are your dance inspirations?
My dance inspiration came from watching 'Top of the Pops' as a little girl dancing around pretending to be Kylie, claiming I wanted to be a backing dancer.. I am was also inspired by the film Dirty Dancing! 'So you think you can dance' always inspires me too as the choreography and dancers are always incredible.

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