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Hen Party Dance Teacher - Shelley in Leeds & Harrogate

Hen Party Dance Instructor - Shelly in Leeds & Harrogate

What are your top 3 favourite Cheerleading Company hen parties in Leeds & Harrogate?

  1. MTV Divas - This party is my all time favourite. It's full the major divas including the great Madonna and her Vogue to the beautiful Beyonce and her booty shaking. It gives each hen a pick of mix of styles, moves and choreography to choose from making it a fun filled experience for everyone.
  2. Cheerleading - This party is absolutely great and never fails give a memorable experience to everyone. The pom poms and customised chants make the bride feel extra special and is always full of energy, fun and plenty of smiles.
  3. Single Ladies - Beyonce is one of the best parties. It gives everyone a chance to really feel and be sexy with flaunting floorwork, choreography competitions and bootylicious bootcamps. This party is always full of laughs and cheekiness!

What do you love about teaching hen parties in Leeds and Harrogate?

I have been coaching hen parties since the beginning of 2014 and I have loved it from the very start. The people I have met along the way have been friendly and welcoming and the whole organisation in very organised and professional. The hens never disappoint and are always up for a laugh. They put their all into the themes and ideas and give so much enthusiasm; singing along the the songs, dancing, smiling and even great costumes!

My best hen party experience was a cheerleading in chapel en le frith. The ladies requested that the party would be held at their own private venue in the country. The space was gorgeous and the ladies were so enthusiastic.Each hen gave there all into every dance, song and chant. They didn't stop smiling and demonstrated great team work and energy through out. This was a memorable experience that I will treasure for ever, It felt like family!

What dance experience have you had?
I have always had a passion for teaching and choreography. At the age of 16 I set up and organised my own dance classes; teaching street dance, contemporary dance and choreography. Since then I have maintained my passion for teaching and have worked for a range of companies and organisations. I have experience in a range of styles and genres including ballet, contemporary, commercial and theater. I have taught people of all ages and abilities from disabled, elderly, hard to reach students to advanced professionals. In my third year of training at The Northern School Of Contemporary Dance I specialised in teaching, receiving outstanding results.

I have a ranged background in dance. Beginning my childhood in gymnastics, and then  moving in to the dance world; starting with urban styles such as street, commercial and African. I finally made my journey to where I am now with my specialty being in contemporary dance. I also have experience in Kathack and Indian Classical Dance and have worked with company's such as Balbir Sing Dance and The Akram Khan Company.

I have performed in not only many prestigious theaters but I have also been a part of many films and projects acting as choreographer, teacher, model and dancer. I have had the pleasure of many solo roles and have also been selecting for singing and acting parts through out my performing career. 4 years ago I made an appearance on Got To Dance, making it to the judges at the final stage. I have also opened fashion events, global hair shows and shopping malls.

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  • Disney Hen Party Dance Class in Nottingham - Jul 2017

    Disney Hen Party Dance Class in Nottingham - Jul 2017

    We had a disney dance class at Nottingham with Shelly. She was so professional and so friendly she made everyone feel so confident. Shelly made everyone laugh and was really informative. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.
    I would highly recommend the cheerleading company.

    Thank you so much.

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  • Cheerleading Hen Party Dance Class in Birmingham - Jul 2016

    Cheerleading Hen Party Dance Class in Birmingham - Jul 2016

    Just a message to say thank you to Shelley for the great Cheerleading dance class on Saturday.
    Everyone had a great time.
    Thank you,

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  • Disney Hen Party Dance Class in Nottingham - Jun 2016

    Disney Hen Party Dance Class in Nottingham - Jun 2016

    Just a note to say a huge thank you to Shelley for a fabulous and fun Disney dance class. I can honestly say I was dreading this part of the hen do but was presently surprised by the class. Shelley was fantastic, making it fun and entertaining throughout. The whole group enjoyed it especially our hen which is obviously the most important thing. The pictures are great too.
    Please pass on my comments.
    Thank you,

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  • Cheerleading Hen Party Dance Class in Reading - Oct 2015

    Cheerleading Hen Party Dance Class in Reading - Oct 2015

    I arranged a Cheerleading Hen Party in Reading on 17th October 2015 for my sister Becca and her Chicks. I would just like to say a massive thank you to Shelley our instructor who was amazing. Shelly was full of fun and inspiration which made our party - we had so, so much fun and haven't stopped talking about it!
    Thanks again Shelley! You would have been very proud of us when we recreated the "Hey Mickey" routine later that evening on our night out, including the stunting lift of the bride to be!!
    Laura xx

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  • Cheerleading hen party in Bath

    Cheerleading hen party in Bath

    Hi Greta,
    I just wanted to say again what a totally brilliant time we all had. You'd organised it all fantasically - we loved the cheers, chants (yes, we did the Shelley's hen's drinking challenge quite a bit that night round the streets of Bath), stunting - it was all so fun and just what we needed. As you might have been able to tell, Shelley loves dressing up and loved being a cheerleader. There is talk of reprising the Jim and Shelley cheer at the wedding ... And all just at our level - it was fun to do, but without the fear of getting above our level :)
    So, thanks again, you made the weekend particularly special, and easy to remember with your thoughtful photo posing and video-taking! We're all trying to get some other boy to propose so we can try out the Burlesque or 80’s Thriller sessions :)

    Very best wishes,
    Melissa x (photo above)

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