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Dirty Dancing Hen Party Costume Ideas

Dirty Dancing Hen Party Costume Ideas

Dirty Dancing Hen Party Dance Class costume ideas

Dirty Dancing is such a fun theme for costume and I've great ideas for this! For Baby it ís a fun costume idea to dress her in a pale pink floaty dress. You can buy baby from Dirty Dancing costumes online from fancy dress shops, and wigs also! Recently I saw a perfect dress in H&M though which I of course tweeted about so you may find something on the high street. My favourite costume idea for the Dirty Dancing look for the rest of the hen group is denim bottoms and

ddcutoffswhite tops. Grab a pair of old jeans, and cut them so they are either cropped mid calf length or if you like make them into shorts. Turn them up of course. Pair these with a white top or white shirt, rolled up and tied and voila youíre done. A pair of lace up pumps in white would complete this fantastic Dirty Dancing costume. So easy and you probably already have everything you need for this.


Except the watermelon that is. 

It's a must to pick up a watermelon prop. How big a watermelon you wish to carry is up to you! 

Dirty Dancing Hair and Make up ideas.
ddbabydressYou can go for a 1960's influence with a low beehive and slick of black eyeliner but, for the bride, keep it very natural. Think natural hair and natural make up after all in Dirty Dancing Baby is young and fresh. Why not get a curly blonde 'baby' wig for the bride to wear.

Dirty Dancing Footwear ideas - bare feet or trainers are recommended. Flat shoes such us lace up pumps would also work for the Dirty Dancing look.


Hope our Cheerleading Company costume tips help you find your dance hen party outfits & we can't wait to see your costume photos : )

Dirty Dancing Hen Party Dance Classes

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