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Fame Hen Party Costume Ideas

Fame Hen Party Costume Ideas

Fame Hen Party Costume Ideas

For a Fame hen party costume I’d go with one of two ideas… Either 80s style so think neon or Fame/Ballet school style and get your tutu out!

80sscrunchiesFor the 80s Fame look the idea really is to throw on as much neon and multi-coloured items as you can. If you have legwarmers, scrunchies, headbands that would be perfect. If you don’t then it’s very easy to find neon items online, in fact ebay is full of them. Of course they are also in places like Claire’s accessories too!

For the Fame Ballet look then be sure to wear a leotard or body. As I mentioned in the Beyonce Costume Ideas, luckily bodies are in highleotard street fashion at the moment so you don't even need to visit a dance shop. High street stores like H&M and TopShop have bodies in right now in a variety of colours and they are not too expensive. I think pale pink or pale blue would be fab! And a pair of dance tights also!

80smakeupFame Hair and Make up:  I think it’s time for that fuchsia pink lippy! For the Fame hen party costume think bold for your make up. Slap on the bright pink lipstick, pink blusher and go heavy on the eyeliner. Fluorescent colours would be fab as would glitter! Mess your hair up and don’t use the straightners the 80s was about big hair! And, don't forget the side ponytail!

Fame Footwear Ideas: If you have ballet or jazz shoes then they’d be perfect for the fame party! Otherwise bare feet or flat shoes would be absolutely fine.


Hope that helps & can't wait to see your costume photos :)

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