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Single Ladies Hen Party Costume Ideas

Single Ladies Hen Party Costume Ideas

Single Ladies Hen Party Costume Ideas

Costumes - The Beyonce Single Ladies Costume is very easy for youe hen party! All you really need is a black leotard and you're done! Luckily bodies are in high street fashion at the moment so you don't even need to visit a dance shop for the perfect Beyonce hen do costume. High street stores like H&M and TopShop have black bodies in right now and they are not too expensive.

fishnettightsIf you don't want your Beyonce Costume to be as revealing as hers however, then why not pair your black body/leotard with black footless tights or even better some fashion tights. We love fishnets and lace tights at the moment. Bling accessories on one hand are also key to the Beyonce Single Ladies costume.

Hair & Make up -  Beyonce's make up in her Single Ladies video is iconic and stunning. It's all about the Beyonce boof hair (as we're calling it) and the smokey beyoncehaireyes! Grab your black eye liner and dark grey eyeshadows and go overboard with them to create the ulimate Beyonce smokey beyoncemakeupeye effect. Don't forget to use a pale shimmer on the inner eye though, we'd go for silver. Back comb the front half of your hair into the perfect beehive and then leave the rest out.

Footwear - bare feet or trainers are recommended. You can wear dance shoes if you have them but as tempting as it is I'd avoid high heels as you will probably want to save your feet for your night out so keep it comfy for the dance lesson, and just put the heels on for the photos. 


Hope our Cheerleading Company Beyonce hen party costume tips help you find your dance hen party outfits & we can't wait to see your costume photos : )

Single Ladies Hen Party Dance Classes

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