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Thriller Hen Party Costume Ideas

Thriller Hen Party Costume Ideas

Thriller Hen Party Costume Ideas

If you're doing the Michael Jackson Thriller hen party then we recommend really going for it on the costume front. We love groups who come in full fancy dress to their Michael Jackson Thriller hen parties. You can get a red Michael Jackson jumpsuit online for the bride to wear which will look amazing in the photos.

thrillertoiletpaperThen for the rest of the hens, the scarier the better. Get some old clothes & shred them so that you look as though you've just risen from the dead. For a really low budget hen party costume idea, you could even go for the mummy look with some loo roll!

Or, you could play it down with the outfits by having a colour code (like all black) then use theatrical hair & make up to create your look. Think halloween style zombie make up & crazy back combed hair.thrillerzombiemakeup

It is easy to organise as you can ask then hens to arrive 30 mins early then pop into the changing rooms & give everyone a quick Thriller make over. It all adds to the fun & makes a nice change from the usual pink sashes & high heels that you see on hen groups.

Footwear: barefoot is fine as that's probably what the zombies would do.


Hope our Cheerleading Company Thriller hen party costume tips help you find your Michael Jackson dance hen party outfits & we can't wait to see your costume photos : )

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