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Stag Do Dance Classes

Stag Do Dance Classes

New dance activity for stag dos! Struggling for new original ideas for the best Stag do? Well we now offer dance sessions for stag parties. Yes that's right dance classes for Stag groups - why should only hens have all the fun? At The Cheerleading Company our stag do dance parties are the perfect fun daytime activity for your stag weekend. If you think you’re man enough that is! Look, you’ve already all been go-karting and paintballing on other stag weekends and you regularly have a kick around with a football, so try something new, it will be a complete surprise for the groom and it offers some great mickey taking opportunities! Make your mate’s stag do hilarious by learning the Michael Jackson Thriller dance. Take a trip back to the 80s and master the robot and the cabbage patch on your stag do! Like Bugsy Malone, then get your gangster on in the 1920s Gangster dance stag do. Or if you’re really game for a laugh on the stag weekend, then do a justin timberlake, don the leotard and learn beyonce’s single ladies dance! Great fun, and the stag will never live it down!

Email us at or call us on +44 (0)2072743045 to chat to us about dance activities for your stag party.

We know your main priority is to have a laugh and take the mickey out of the stag. So we’ve designed stag dance dos with that in mind:

Boyband Stag Do Dance Class

Boyband Dance Stag Do - New for 2015 it’s the Boyband dance Stag Do! ‘Everybody, yeaaaaaaaaah, rock your body, yeah!’ We love the 90s Boy Bands so much we felt a 90s boyband tribute dance class would be perfect for our stag dos. It’s cheestastic, really fun and incredibly easy, the groom will love it and hey if those boys can do it, so can you!

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90's Stag Do Dance Class

1990s Dance Stag Do - New for 2015, we’ve choreographed a fun 1990’s dance stag do! Yes the 90’s are so hot for stag do's right now, they’re the new 80’s. Our brand new 90’s dance class is the perfect daytime activity for a stag do. If the groom can name Take That, and always fancied The Spice Girls, and has an ‘obsession from a western’ then make the 90s stag do your ‘dance floor date’.

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Street Dance Stag Do Dance Class

Street Dance Stag Do - The Street dance stag party is your chance to learn how to dance. Your stag group will learn the origins of street dance and then learn we’ll teach you how to lock, bodypop and all that hip hop.

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Cheerleading Stag Do Dance Class

Cheerleading Dance Stag Do - The Cheerleading Stag party is such a laugh. Pick up your pom poms boys and get ready to cheer! You might think it’s just for girls but actually until til the 1920s, cheerleading was largely a male sport! Even George Bush was a cheerleader! Male cheerleaders are athletes!

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1920s Gangster Stag Do Dance Class

1920's Gangster Dance Stag Do - The 1920's Gangster dance stag do is your chance to be gangsters straight out of the classic gangster story Bugsy Malone. Put on your fedora hats and grab your guns to learn how to charm the ladies on the dancefloor with the Charleston.

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Thriller Stag Do Dance Class

Thriller dance stag do - The thriller stag party dance class teaches you and the boys the moves to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Surely a fantastic idea for your Stag weekend. The Thriller dance class is the ultimate tribute to Michael Jackson & perfect for any MJ fans on a stag do. Stags - whip out your zombie costumes cause ‘This is Thriller, Thriller night’.

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80's Stag Do Dance Class

The 80s Dance Stag do - The 80's stag party dance class is jam packed with moves from the 80s! Learn all the classic dance steps from footloose and the breakfast club. Revive the robot, cabbage patch and sprinkler in this stag activity! Then get out that air guitar and start head banging before you and your stags strut your stuff to the iconic flashdance ballard!

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