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About The Cheerleading Company

About Us

My sister Greta and I are Directors of The Cheerleading Company. We love our job so much and can't believe how lucky we are. We've danced with lots of Celebs including: Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, the cast of Glee and have performed as Pineapple Cheerleaders (the UK's first professional Cheerleaders for hire) on programmes like The X Factor and all over the world, although dancing with the F1 drivers at the Race of Champions Wembley remains my personal favourite as I'm an F1 fan. Best of all though we have an incredible team of over 60 talented dance teachers and professional cheerleaders who work exclusively with us and make up The Cheerleading Company Family. #lovemyjob #TCCFamily People often ask Greta and I how The Cheerleading Company came about and what made us do this and you'll find all the answers below...
Love Cece

Greta and Cece, founders of The Cheerleading Company
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We don’t do ‘cancelled’ – come hell or high water, we will work like crazy people to ensure that your hen party happens and that the bride loves it! Click to find out more about the The Cheerleading Company approach, what goes into our hen parties and why they really are the best out there.

The Cheerleading Company