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Pineapple Cheerleaders Cheerology


(Cheer Terminology)

Sometimes it's hard to understand what a cheerleader is talking about, so if you find yourself thinking 'WTF' here's a guide to the Pineapple Cheerleader terminology, also known as Cheerology!


Let' s start with the basics.... Pineapple Cheerleader in cheer mode


PC's- Pineapple Cheerleaders 

OMG - Oh My God

WTF - What the ****

H to the Y - Hell Yeah!

BD – Big Deal

MT – Me Too


PDA’s – Public displays of affection

TDF - To die for

RUFR - are you for real?

IDTS – I don’t think so

IDK – I don’t know

IDC – I don’t care

CUNP - see you next practise

CFF’s – Cheerleading friends forever


Cheer Mode – state of being adopted by cheerleaders usually initiated by someone shouting ‘Ready’. You can spot when someone is in cheer mode by their exaggerated peppiness and reduced common sense. They are also unable to communicate in any way other than through the medium of cheer.

Cheer Factor – Indefinable quality which is found in all PC’s and stands them apart from other cheerleaders.

Cheersonality – letting the cheerleader inside shine through


Cheerography - cheerleading choreography

Hairography – choreography of moves using hair such as flicks, swishes and swirls

Cheer sex - flirting with the crowd using cheer facials whilst performing

Cheer facials - exaggerated facial expressions

Smizing – Smiling with your eyes

Smile elimination – exercise to train a cheerleader’s face to hold a permanent smile

Cheer off – spontaneous, competitive demonstration of cheerleading skills often between one squad and another or even internally between squad members. The PC's often use cheer off's in training so we always Bring It!

Bring It - PC's always Bring it! If you don’t know what this means then even the Cheerology page can’t help you.

Cheered out – how you feel after a particularly long and tiring cheerleading session


Cheer styled in – cheerleader’s hair style is in place

Cheer styled out – cheerleader’s hair style is out of place (e.g. due to rain or wind)

Cheerbrella – using an umbrella to prevent cheer styling out when it’s not really raining but there is moisture in the air

Cheersposed – unintentionally exposing tricks of the trade such as false eyelashes coming loose, fake tan marks showing, laddered tights etc

Sockets – using your legwarmers as pockets to store things like lip gloss


Cheerocracy - when a squad is not a democracy and the captain makes all decisions, often becoming a Cheertator

Cheertator – a cheerleader (usually the captain) who's gone power mad

Cheertraitor – a cheerleader who betrays her squad and joins another

Cheerbaiter – Evil Cheertator who steals cheerleaders from different squads, thus turning them into cheertraitors

Cheertrocity/Cheertastrophy/Cheerzaster - a matter that has gone really badly such as TV coverage of the Race of Champions being edited to look as though you hit Michael Schumacher with a flagpole

Cheericle - a matter that has gone really well such as the calendar shoot running without a hitch

Cheertastic - what you say when a Cheericle happens

Cheermergency – a cheerleading emergency like forgetting your hotpants

Cheerspiration – cheerleading inspiration e.g. ‘Bring it On - In it to Win It is really cheerspiring’

Cheercircle – a gathering of cheerleaders in a circle for a meeting

Cheerhuddle – a gathering of cheerleaders in a tighter circle for a secret meeting

Cheerhug - a group hug in celebration of a cheertastic moment


Cheersocial - fun extra-curricular cheerleader activity

Coc - Code of conduct

DC - Dress code

LBD - 'Little black dress'

LCD - Little coloured dress

LPorRD - Little pink or red dress

Code Gilbert - undesirable person in the area...low key evacuation required


So, now you know what we're talking about, scroll back up to the top and take the Cheerology Quiz!