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Diary of a Cheerleader

Clubbing in Dubai - Cheer Diary

PC's at Atlantis Hotel, DubaiClubbing in Dubai

By Emma 

After a long hard day of cheering, dancing and being followed by a storm of flashing cameras in Abu Dhabi, there’s nothing we love more than slipping on a cute dress, a pair of heels and running off to see the vibrant night life that Dubai has to offer! Where better to do that than a Full Moon Beach Party at the Atlantis Hotel?

After the taxi journey from Abu Dhabi (including a night tour of Dubai) we arrive a little bit more than fashionably late to find the Beach has begun to empty! It’s only 3am – where is everybody? After all the build up and excitement to get here this could be an absolute Cheer mare! Luckily, it wasn’t long before our PC credit was noticed by the Club Manager and before we knew it our table was swarmed by waiters offering Champagne. Now we all know never to take Champagne from a stranger… but it would just be rude not too, right?  


A few Champagne top ups and an ice bucket later the Manager decides to join us, because of course, who could resist partying with none other than the Pineapple Cheerleaders? Apparently not even a Jean Paul Gautier model! It turned out the Manager was quite the entrepreneur with a successful modelling career to prove it. Night after night of VIP treatment and this one was proving to be the best! A beach, a male model and an endless supply of free Champagne…what more could a PC ask for? Well, we did have something in mind…sight seeing of course ; ) With all the rushing to get here on time we feared we may miss out on seeing some of the beautiful sights that Dubai has to offer. Luckily the Manager pulled some strings and was able to give us an exclusive viewing of the Aquarium even though it was ‘after hours’. What an amazing experience!  

In all the excitement of fully enjoying the glamorous life that being a PC has to offer it almost slipped our minds that we had a plane to catch the following morning and with that we were whisked away back to our hotel in Abu Dhabi to soak up the last moments in the UAE! We’ll miss you Abu Dhabi but we promise it won’t be long until our next visit!