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Diary of a Cheerleader

Marina Mall performance - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders on stage in Abu DhabiMarina Mall performance in Abu Dhabi 

By Sabrina

Lets go Marina Fans, let me hear you in the stands!

Oh yes, that’s right, Pineapple Cheerleaders hit the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi by storm! Now as PC’s we are used to turning heads for all the right reasons, however nothing could have prepared us for the reception we received in Abu Dhabi. The promotion in advance of our arrival was huge, with our photos plastered across giant electronic billboards across the city and all over the mall. It seems that the whole of Abu Dhabi was excited by the cheerleaders’ arrival and had flocked down to the Mall to catch a glimpse.

The Marina Mall itself was massive, with shops, cafes, restaurants galore...There was even an ice rink and dry ski slope within the complex. Although there wasn’t much opportunity for the P.C.s to sneak off and explore as everywhere we went fans gathered around us taking photos and cheering. We had to be accompanied by security at all times – v.Hollywood!

We arrived at the mall every day at 3pm, and went straight into hair and make up to get ready to perform in the evening. The performances really were our time to shine. We’d choreographed an entire floorshow made up of two 15min sets. Exhausting, but ultra impressive with all of our stunts, kicklines and splits. Not to mention at least 10 different costumes over the week. The routines were intense but thanks to all our hard work in rehearsals we nailed them every time. More and more people gathered round to see the show as it went on. There were even people on the upper floors leaning over the balconies to watch. I made sure that I cheer flirted with them too so everyone enjoyed the show equally!

After the show – photo time!!! At this point, we usually give the crown the chance to queue up and have their photo taken with us but we were told that it would be too great a security risk so the fans had to settle for us posing as a squad. They didn’t seem to mind and we stood for 20 mins after each performance, smiling our socks off and making sure that everyone had got the change to snap the Pineapple Cheerleaders.  It seemed to me as though this was their favourite part of the entire performance! 

Working with Marina Mall was fantastic. We were treated like celebrities throughout our stay, and I can’t wait to go back and perform for our new fans again in Abu Dhabi.