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Diary of a Cheerleader

GMTV Glee feature - Cheer Diary

PC's with the cast of GleeGMTV Glee feature

By Aimee

Don’t Stop Believing! 

OMG! Can you even begin to imagine our excitement knowing we were about to be filming with two of our favourite stars from the cast of Glee! Three P.C's were needed to film a sketch for GMTV with Loraine Kelly as 'Sue Sylvester' and us P.C's as the 'Cheerios'. Emma, Elle and I were each individually collected from home by our own personal driver for the day, we headed to the GMTV studios for 7AM...I arrived first and waited for the girls in green room while having breakfast and a chin wag with Peter Stilton.

Soon after the others arrived, we all headed into hair and make up where Lorraine was waiting for us. She was so lovely saying how excited she was and how fantastic we all looked.  Once changed we headed back to the make-up room to film our scene with Lorraine, she looked amazing dressed as Sue Sylvester with her huge mega phone. After the scene we waited in the green room with Antony Wirral Thompson until it was time to be on set with the Kevin (Artie) and Jenna (Tina). I was so excited about meeting Kevin as I think Artie’s dream sequence in the mall in season 1 is totally the best moment ever. Plus we had a special birthday surprise for him!

We headed to the set where Lorraine was interviewing the Glee stars. We were waiting in the wings with a surprise birthday cake for Kevin...the birthday music came on and out came the P.C's with the cake...he looked so pleased!...and the cake was so yummy!
 We had a lovely chat with the stars after filming; they couldn't believe how England had their very own cheerios! Then Kevin very kindly invited us out for his birthday that night. OMG ‘yes’ I thought, then realised that we already had rehearsals for Ascot followed by the Bollywood movie wrap party that night so we had to turn him down :o(  so gutted!!! But summer is always a busy time for us. We took a few snaps with the lovely cast (to show the diary followers) and then our drivers picked us up to take us home. 

Such an amazing Monday Morning...I think I may like Mondays from now on ;-)