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Diary of a Cheerleader

Step Up 3D premier - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders in their 3D glassesStep up 3D movie premier social

By Rossella 

Sun down, Monday night. Leicester Square, movie lights!

Here we go, we start it out…I like!

Dressed up, Pink Pc uniform,

So damn ready for, one Premier… maybe more...We like,  we like!

Recognise that? A musical intro for a very musical and exciting PC Social. It's the Step Up 3D premiere, and London's no.1 Cheerleading squad is on the guestlist! Here is what went down!

Here we were at the cinema in Leicester Square, welcomed by smiley staff and a tempting complimentary buffet with free drinks reception. True to colour matching habits with uniforms and poms, our pink PC tops needed to be accompanied by rose Champagne’!

Lights down, eleven PC’s in formation, as always, take their seats in the cinema and play around with the 3D glasses just before the eye-popping movie beigns:Third instalment of the Step up saga, this time we follow a tight group of New York's intense street dancing underground crowd in 3D.

The 3D experience totally blows us away right from the start. The music is electrifying, up beat and the choreography is very creative and fun. In 3D you really do wanna ‘Step Up’ and join in! Great movie, we definitely recommend it, just make sure u have after party plans, because this movie will totally get you in the mood to get down!

So the PC’s follow onto Monday night’s new uptown Hot spot Cirque du Soir. Monday is the new Wednesday, and this ‘must party in club’ is packed and off the hook!Forget your usual Mayfair club, this is the place to be, this is a place to see. The Club name lives up to the expectations, prepare to find Magicians, musicians on stilts, Lady gaga look alikes, midgets and many more glamorous freaks! London’s club and entertainment industry retires here on a Monday to unwind, it’s their day off and they gotta party too! Celebrities are never missing, the PC table was neighbouring the table of the cast of ‘Captain America’ including Chris Evans, from Fantastic Four and Sebastian Stan from Gossip Girl. We had a great time with you guys, and we can’t wait to see your new movie!

So, this is it reporting on this PC social, enjoy the movie and stay tuned…we’ll be your eyes and ears to the city…we always do it right!