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Diary of a Cheerleader

Halfords Cycle tour - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders parform at Canary Wharf Halfords Tour series at Canary Wharf

By Kim

As PC’s we get hired to cheer for a range of sports and events, but this was a first – cycling! We headed down to Canary Wharf to cheer on the London leg of the Halfords tour series. It was their first venture into London and as the opening event it had to be a spectacular affair. So of course they wanted the help of the P.C’s!

We were cheering for the ‘Rapha – Condor – Sharp’ team better known as the ‘Men In Black’. Brilliant opportunity to wear our gorgeous pink ‘n’ black hot pants and PC vests – with matching pink pom poms of course. Candy cute J

We kicked off the event with our signature pom dance routine, which both the cyclists and spectators loved. Having cheerleaders definitely generated lots of attention and we spent a good 30mins before the race posing for photographers and fans. Then, we headed to the start line. The circuit was fantastic as it went all over Canary Wharf. We were lucky enough to be positioned at the start and finish line and in the Rapha Condor Sharp pits. Couldn’t get closer to the action unless we got on bikes and joined the race!

The event was being covered by Sky TV and the camera crew spotted us straight away. They were delighted to have cheerleaders on the sidelines adding some glamour and they asked us to keep cheering even after the cyclists had passed by so that they had footage of us that they could cut to. ‘No worries’ we replied ‘we can cheer on demand’!!!

The race consisted of 50 laps in total – tough going for the cyclists. But every time each ‘Man In Black’ zipped past us, we screamed encouragement and got everyone around us cheering them on. Then we gave an extra cheer for the cameras ; ) In between waiting for the team to come round again, we performed cheers for the crowd. I love performing cheers and we had created customised chants especially for the ‘Rapha – Condor – Sharp’ team.

By the end of the race the cyclists were exhausted but the P.C’s kept spirits high. Rapha Condor Sharp didn’t win the race this time, but they certainly had the best supporters ; )