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Diary of a Cheerleader

Thorpe Park - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders at Thorpe Park

Performing at Thorpe Park
By Emma

9 cheerleaders, 11 days, and 88 performances – The PC’s are celebrating summer at Thorpe Park! Our gig at Thorpe Park’s Sun Scream festival was an exciting one! We were hired by sponsors of the event, Dr Pepper, to perform in an audience interaction show based around the catch phrase ‘what’s the worst that can happen’. Ha ha! Fantastic – we basically had to perform one of our hit routines, then encourage members of the unsuspecting crowd to get up on stage and perform alongside us Pineapple Cheerleaders – would you be brave enough? ;)

When we arrived we were taken to our dressing room, nothing special, it was only the same one used by The Saturdays, Katie Price, Peter Andre and our old friend Paris Hilton! We definitely were not expecting this! We even had our own rehearsal studio, complete with floor length mirrors to check out our moves. Plus, it turns out that our client contact, Mark, was a huge PC fan and had even taken the time to learn to speak cheerology in anticipation of our arrival. We were so cheerspired, we even had him calling cheers by the end of day one! SNAPS FOR MARK

I feel it’s best to get the negative out of the way first… WASPS! Just a couple of weeks ago we were at Ascot’s Shergar Cup trying our best not to let them get in our way and now here we were faced with the same swarm of unwanted insects! At least now we’re experts at remaining composed even at the worst of times!

That being said, this gig was by far one of my favourites! Days on end performing our signature routine for a crowd of thousands. With four performances a day it proved to be hard work but PC’s always work best under pressure. We pulled out all the stops to make sure we left a lasting impression. The crowd (mostly kids) all enjoyed their chance to perform on stage with the Pineapple Cheerleaders especially as soon as the music kicked in…Hey Mickey! The children went wild with excitement. It was so satisfying to see how many people share our passion.

In between performances we had to stay warm and keep practicing our splits so that we didn’t tighten up. When doing eight routines a day it’s important to keep limber so that we don’t pull any muscles. This meant there was little rest for the PC’s but we had so much fun gearing up the crowd and the hard work paid off when they saw our gob smackingly high kicks! One small fan even ran to me backstage and begged for me to teach her our warm up. Once I taught her a few tricks she continued wanting to learn more! She definitely caught the Pineapple Cheerleading bug and was very grateful to dance on stage with us after her personal warm up session.

At the end of a tiring day PC’s want nothing more than to wind down and relax… so just a few roller coasters to complete the Thorpe Park experience ;) With only an hour left until the park closes we were torn between Saw, Stealth and Nemesis Inferno! Luckily PC’s always get what they want one way or another… every time we went to join a queue, a lovely member of staff would invite us to jump the queue for being ‘such good performers’. I guess this was their way of thanking us for bringing the entertainment to Thorpe Park and we thank Thorpe Park for bringing the crowds to us! CUNYTP!!!