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Diary of a Cheerleader

Elephant Charity event - Cheer diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders at Concrete bar for The Elephant Family Elephant Charity Event
By Kim

Did you see all the elephants dotted around London this summer? They were amazing! Which is why I was so looking forward to this evenings event. It was an auction to help raise money to save the elephants, which is such a good cause as I love elephants and it's really important to protect such an elephantastic animal.

We arrived at Concrete bar in Shoreditch a little bit wet as it was pouring down with rain, but in true PC style we wouldn’t let a little bit of rain dampen our spirits.

After changing into our little white uniforms (my favourite) we were soon posing for pictures with our very own elephant.

As the auction began the fun really started, as the P.C’s were not going to stay quiet for this event. We cheered everyone along and made them spend lots of money, after all who can say no to a cheerleader J. We then performed a personalised cheer for each winner as a thank you for their donations.

After the excitement of the auction it was time for our performance. Now the crowd had been waiting all night for this, and boy were they in for a treat. Hit it DJ! we yelled and our signature music started. The crowd were fantastic and they waved their pom pons in the air and cheered the whole way through as we performed our signature routine, complete with high kicks and jumping into the splits. It was great fun to perform our routine up close and personal as often the audience are so far away we can't see them.

After we dazzled them with our moves and showed them how it's done, we felt it was the audiences turn to get down and boogie with us, so we brought as many of them as we could onto the stage to dance to their charity song ‘ we are family’. It was so much fun and everyone had a good time. We also raised lots of money for the elephant charity and I thoroughly enjoyed helping save the elephants by spreading the love of cheer.

I <3 my job!