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Diary of a Cheerleader

Katy Perry gig - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders with Katy PerryKaty Perry Gig
By Sarah

OMG – I just had a pillow fight with Katy Perry!!!

We were invited onto the Scott Mills Show to challenge Katy Perry to a ‘cheer off’. But little did we know that we would end up in a huge pillow fight with Katy Perry and Scott Mills live on Radio One.
We could hardly wait as we arrived at Radio 1 in a black Mercedes - sent to personally pick us up like true A-listers! The Pineapple Cheerleaders had been booked to appear on 'You control Katy Perry' and we had no idea what was in store for us once we got on air... Needless to say we were all so excited to meet Scott and Katy.

As soon as we got there we were shown to our dressing room where we had to hide because we were supposed to be a surprise for Katy! Suspense was in the air as everyone was awaiting her arrival and I couldn't believe that I was minutes away from being live on webcam with her when it was just a few days before that I was watching her on tv! It all felt very surreal as we got ourselves glammed up and ready to go.

Word got round that Katy was in the building. She was ushered to the studio and so we were let out of hiding. We decided to practise a few cheers in the corridor. We were in the middle of rehearsing our signature Pineapple cheer when none other than Brendon Cole walked past. He was embarrassed about the fact that he had just touched Katy Perry’s boobs - accidentally. Hmm!  He asked for a photo with us and we were honoured, but did warn him: “Keep your hands where we can see them Brendan”. It’s look but don’t touch where the PC’s are concerned ; ) This gig was getting more exciting by the minute. Just time for a final lip gloss touch up and we were ready to go on air. Scott gave us a shout out and we bounced into the studio taking Katy by surprise. She screamed with excitement and asked us to show her a cheer. We jumped at the chance to impress and Emma led the squad in a PC signature cheer. Then Sabrina asked Katy if she wanted to learn a cheer. She said she couldn’t wait – although she insisted that Scott Mills join in too, pom pons & all! It was hilarious and Katy was a great sport, even having some banter with us – apparently she was part of the goth click in high school and hated the cheerleaders! But I think the Pineapple Cheerleaders converted her - she even called us hot!
Pineapple Cheerleaders in pillow fight with Katy Perry and Scott Mills
Just as we  thought we had finished, Katy yelled 'pillow fight!' And that's exactly what we did. It was the most fun I've had in ages and we all got absolutely covered in feathers from head to toe! Everyone was screaming with laughter and my mouth was so full of feathers that I could hardly breathe. It was cheertastic!

After the webcam stopped rolling and we were off air, we sat down with Katy in a pile of feathers and she asked us all about our squad and what we do. She even joked about coming to our upcoming auditions and joining the squad! It was lovely to see that she was so nice and friendly off camera too. After a quick publicity photo shoot with her and Scott it was time to leave. I didn't want to go! I'd had so much fun I wanted to hang out with her all day.

All in all we had a crazy time on 'You control Katy Perry'. I’m looking forward to performing on the Scott Mills show again but until then this is one experience I know I will never forget! : )

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