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Diary of a Cheerleader

Renault World Series - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders at Renault World SeriesRenault World series at Silverstone
By Kim

“let’s go Renault fans let me hear you in the stands, yell go, go, go Renault go!”

Our road trip began after a fantastic final rehearsal. The girls came to my house, we collected the Mercedes and set off on our little adventure. As cheerleaders we thrive on fun so decided to play a few tricks to entertain ourselves on our journey. We told the other car that they had gone to a completely wrong hotel and they sooooooooo believed us hehe... On arrival we unpacked fast and soon headed out for a lovely meal.

We woke up the next day at 5.30 am and as soon as my alarm went off I jumped out of bed, I was so excited! After hair and make-up was done to PC perfection we set off to show Silverstone what we’re all about. When we arrived at my car I burst out laughing as it would seem the tricks from the previous day had continued... My Merc was covered in toilet roll – it looked like a mummy haha! After a quick clean up job we were soon back on the road and heading for the race track. Renault provided us with fab little dresses accompanied by hats and fleeces – I loved my dress as it had cute purple belt. We were looked after really well and the fans adored our performances, we posed for so many pictures and I was in my element – I love having my picture taken. J

We performed three different routines throughout the day; Glee, Rock this Party and my favourite Candyman.Pineapple Cheerleaders on Bouncy CastleAnd over the weekend we performed a total of 25 times – it’s a good job us P.C’s have great stamina.

When the first day was over we headed back to our hotel, put on our heels and went out for dinner. It wasn’t a late night as we had to get some much needed sleep so we could perform to our high standard the following day.

Sunday was not as sunny as the previous day, so we didn’t get chance to sunbath in between our performances. However we did decided to entertain ourselves in another way – on the bouncy castle of course! In true PC style we could not just take our shoes off and leap onto the castle, we had to do a cheer first ; “Hey you listen up, we’ve got something to say, we love the bouncy castle at Silverstone today” then we raced over the course of the bouncy castle and I won – whoop!

Our final performance was so much fun as all the Renault staff decided to join in with us they were cheering and clapping and the whole weekend was truly amazing. I was sad to say goodbye to Silverstone I loved every minute of it and hopefully we will return again next year!

Bye for now...
Kimberley Xx