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Diary of a Cheerleader

X Factor - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders with One DirectionDancing on the X-Factor!!!
By Holly

PC's have the X-Factor! That's right - it’s American week on the X-Factor and who better than the Pineapple Cheerleaders to set the scene!?
On the first day of rehearsals we arrived at Fountain studios bright and early and were escorted in past the hoards teenage fans and paparazzi mounted on ladders, trying to get a glimpse over the studio walls. A group of girls had just scrawled the words ONE DIRECTION on the side of the wall.  ‘Who are you dancing with?’ they screeched at us. ‘Your favourites’ we cheered back which made them scream with excitement.

After getting a taste of the X-Factor fame it was about to get even more exciting!! A choreography session with Brian Friedman and his amazing team! OMG – he has even worked with Britney! The routine was amazing and we couldn’t wait to get on stage and perform it. But the best moment was when they asked us to choreograph a cheer section with stunts. ‘No worries’ said the PC’s and we threw Emma up into a split lift. WTG PC’s! Then it was time to hit the stage with our act One Direction! Being on the X-Factor stage was Incredible. The boys were so friendly and amazing to spend the afternoon performing with – they loved having cheerleaders. By the end of it, we couldn’t wait for the live show.

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It’s Saturday! We arrived super-hyped and ready to show millions of viewers what the P.C.'s had to offer! After getting fitted into our cute varsity style cheer costumes we were shown to our dressing room opposite the shows' presenter Dermot O'Leary. When he saw all of the cheerleaders filing into the Pineapple dressing room he followed on the end and joked that he wanted to switch to our room.

Lunch on a Saturday afternoon in the X Factor canteen is an experience! Everywhere we looked were contestants, judges, dancers, stylists, make up artists etc. We had Wagner and Aiden on one side, Katie, Rebecca, Cher and Matt on the other, not to mention the likes of Dermot and Louis wandering round. But by now, we were One Direction girls (and I think they were PC boys). Liam & Louis even came and joined me, Aimee & Annabel on our table at lunch - it was a surprise any of us managed to eat!! Pineapple Cheerleaders on The X Factor with One Direction

Now it was time to practice, practice, practice as we all wanted to look our best on TV!! We had our pom pom heart down to perfection and our split lift was looking hot! We were marking through the moves when Niall from One Direction came past and started to sing for us so that we could practise our moves to the music. It was fantastic. Then he went off and got his guitar and played & sang whilst we danced. He was really sweet.

5min call for dress rehearsal - our last chance to get it perrrrfect before the real thing! Fake eye lashes? Check! Lip gloss? Check! Cheer smile? Check! Now we were ready to go. We sat in the studio and watched all of the acts perform – such a treat to get a sneaky peak of all of the acts. They were all so talented and watching them live was cheerspiring! But we couldn’t get too comfortable in the audience as before we knew it we were called to the stage with One Direction. Wow, it was over before we knew it and everything had gone A-OK! Now all we needed to do was pull it off in the live show - which of course would be no problem for any Pineapple Cheerleader ;)
We were chilling in our dressing room waiting for the show to start when we were suddenly called to the stage by Sisco Gomez, one of the judges from 'So You Think You Can Dance', who told us we would now also be opening the show with the judges!! OMG CHEERCITED!!! No time to panic the P.C.'s are ready for anything! We were quickly taught our new routine and went to wait backstage for the show to begin. The next minute we turned around to find all the judges waiting with us ready for Dermot to open the show. Cheryl and Dannii looked absolutely gorgeous and said how great we looked in our uniforms! Dannii was really impressed to hear that we are real cheerleaders and she asked about our stunts. Simon was also impressed but I think for different reasons; ‘I like this’ he said as he walked through our player’s tunnel ; ) After a quick chat with the judges it was time to make our debut! The music started and we were on! The audience went wild and we were enjoyed every second!!! After opening the show we just couldn't wait to get back on stage to perform again, but we had to wait for a while as our act was the finale piece which would be closing the show.   
Our time was finally here and none of us could control our excitement any longer. Trayc had just finished her song which was absolutely breath taking and we knew it was only seconds before we were going on. Suddenly the music started and before we knew it we were live on TV performing in front of millions. Not to mention Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole!!! We were all giving 110% and singing along with One Direction 'We're the kids in America WHOH!!!' Everyone went crazy on stage and nailed every move and stunt with perfection. Well done P.C.'s we were awesome (even if I do say so my self!!)
The judges loved the act and said it was One Direction’s best performance yet! We had had the time of our lives. How could it all be over so quickly?? It was now time for us to say goodbye to the X-Factor and go home after an amazing couple of days!!! But obviously before we left we had to say goodbye to One Direction!! The boys came out to send us off with cheer hugs and kisses . And what girl could turn that down!?
Thanks so much to all the contestants and everyone at X-Factor we had an amazing time. Well done girls another flawless performance xoxo