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Diary of a Cheerleader

Red or Black ? Cheer Diary

Cheerleaders with Ant at Red or Black

ITV1's 'Red or Black?' Cheerleaders
By Emma

When I say Red, you say Black! When I say Pineapple, you say Cheerleaders!

After the amazing cheer-tastic time we had performing on X Factor with One Direction last year, we couldn’t have been happier when we heard that Syco wanted to hire 12 of the Pineapple Cheerleaders back for their brand new, ITV 1 prime-time Game Show hosted by Ant & Dec! Fantastic we couldn't wait to be the official Red or Black Cheerleaders.

We were totally right to be hyped up about this as it turned out to be another fabulous week in the lives of the PC’s! When we arrived we were ushered straight to our private 'Red or Black' Cheerleaders dressing room (opposite Robin Van Persie and Cesc Fabregas - Cheer bonus!)

As we turned the dressing room into our own by scattering sparkling poms, red cheer uniforms and other cheer accessories, we were interrupted by a knock at the door....

Q: How many crew guys does it take to carry 12 small bottles of water
A: 7!

We opened the door and in walked a crowd of guys who wanted to tend to our needs! Either we were showing some serious signs of dehydration or word had spread that the Pineapple Cheerleaders had arrived ;)  That wasn’t the only star treatment we had received. Everything was catered for: breakfast, lunch and dinner – not to mention an unlimited supply of cookies and dessert! What more could we ask for? I know! Customised Poms! It turns out the production company were so excited to have us back that they even ordered us our very own Red & Black poms! Be sure to tune into the show to catch a glimpse of our brand new shimmering pon poms ;) 

It wasn’t long before we were taken into the arena to bust some cheer-ific moves! Although the audience had not yet arrived we had our very own audience backstage (The Crew!) Eager to please our new fans we rehearsed till our hearts content! After all – practice makes perfect! With so much to do, there almost wasn’t enough time to do it! Not only were we filming with Ant & Dec, Jedward, Robin Van Persie& Cesc Fabregas, Pineapple Cheerleaders were also needed to entertain the excited crowds during filming!  After performing our new and exclusive pomp on dance routine to ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’ we went into the audience and threw as many sweets as we could grab! It was so much fun getting to meet the crowd and have our photos taken with some of our fans! With all that was going on we barely had time to eat! But we still managed ;) We couldn’t let those cookies go to waste now could we!

With all the celebrities we met, I’m sure you’re looking for some backstage gossip and… I’m going to give it to you ;) We were hanging out backstage with Jedward and talking about their new music video, which they had just filmed the day before when of course they wanted to know more about us. Mid conversation we’re asked if we could do the splits, “of course!” we recall – “we’re the Pineapple Cheerleaders!” Then before we have time to blink, John has jumped flat into the splits! We couldn’t have been more impressed, don’t be too surprised if you see Jedward guest appearing as part of our cheerleading squad some time soon they may well be  joining the likes of Katy Perry and Paris Hilton as honorary PC’s ;)

We were having such an amazing time over the few days on set but what hard work it was! It was definitely appreciated when on the last day the crew guys returned to our dressing room to offer us massages! It’s nice to see how much people care about our tense muscles!  Right about now we were thinking that not much could top this weekend off! That is until the manager of Robin Van Persie & Cesc Fabregas told us how much the Arsenal boys wanted to meet the Pineapple Cheerleaders and that when they were done filming they were going to come over to our dressing room for a chat! Now, that has to be every girl’s dream right?

I’ll leave you to imagine what happened next but I will tell you one thing, the PC’s rocked Wembley Arena as the Red or Black Cheerleaders and we cannot wait to watch Red or Black when it airs!

Emma xo