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Diary of a Cheerleader

MTV Hellcats Cheer Diary

MTV Hellcats Cheerleaders at Move IT 2011MTV Hellcats Cheerleaders
by Kim

“Hellcats Let me hear you shout... Get your pom poms out!”

OMG I love MTV’s new programme ‘Hellcats’, so when Pineapple Cheerleaders were hired to be the UK’s Hellcats Cheerleaders and launch the show at ‘Move It’ the biggest dance event in the UK, you could say we were just a little excited!

We arrived at Move It Olympia and the queue to get in was so long, luckily as the Hellcats Cheerleaders we were escorted into the event through the artists entrance and straight to the back stage area.

We met with the MTV team for a quick brief, I was miced up for a sound check ‘PC on3 , one, two, three... PC’, and we were given our cute MTV Hellcats t-shirts that looked fab with our little Pineapple Cheerleaders white skirts.  Before we knew it, it was our 5 minute call and we were taken to the side of the stage. Show time! As soon as we were introduced we came cheering on in our special Pineapple Cheerleader way and I couldn’t believe the amount of people who were surrounding the stage at this massive UK event. We were hired as cheerleaders to spread the message about Hellcats to the whole of the UK so it was time to teach everyone a special cheer.  This event was being filmed by MTV so we had to bring the perfect performance. I started by doing a warm-up cheer to get the audience all involved, which they responded really well to and next I moved onto the main Hellcats cheer. The crowd were fantastic and were screaming and cheering us on the whole time, we couldn’t have asked for a better reception. Next up the competition!

5 finalists from the audience were to perform the cheer on stage and one lucky winner would win a fantastic MTV prize.  We asked our excited 5 contestants up on to the Move It stage to perform the Hellcats cheer.  All 5 were so good so the pressure was on! It was difficult to choose but we could see a potential Pineapple Cheerleader in the making! The lucky lady won a weekend stay in London with a private Cheerleading lesson run by The Cheerleading Company (our parent company) and her own special preview of the show at the MTV studios. I was a little bit jealous of this prize until the producers said we could watch the screening too.

After our performance we came out from backstage to find a crowd of Pineapple Cheerleaders fans from all over the UK. I’m always happy to pose for photos and sign autographs at events; it’s all part of the job as a Pineapple Cheerleader.  I promised a couple of lads from Liverpool I’d give them a mention so it was great to meet you Steve, John and Liam ; ) What a great day with 2 of my favourite PC’s!