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Diary of a Cheerleader

Big Brother - Cheer Diary

Big Brother CheerleadersFilming Channel 5's Big Brother Promo
By Leana

With the new series of Celebrity Big Brother due to launch on Channel 5 this summer, the big bosses at Ch5 had big ideas for an extravagant television promo with a fun, festival feel! So of course, they hired the Pineapple Cheerleaders to add a bit of sparkle to Big Brother because no event would be complete without our high kicks and Pom Pons!

When we arrived on set, the location was buzzing! As well as lots of cast and crew, the venue was filled to the brim with celebs! It was a rainy summer’s day, but we were not going to let that dampen our cheerleader spirit! We Pineapple Cheerleaders knew straight away it was going to be really fun...

We were shown to our own private dressing room, where we quickly applied the final touches to our make up and waited eagerly to get out in front of the cameras!

We spent the morning filming the larger crowd scenes. The assistant director was impressed at how easy it was to set us in our places... “of course!” we said, “as Pineapple Cheerleaders we are used to dancing in formations!” In between resets we kept up everyone’s spirits by cheering as loudly as we could! :D

Now we’re used to the paparazzi, but some of the Big Brother celebs (H from Steps, Chantelle and Alex Reid) wanted to come and take their photos with us Cheerleaders to post on their twitter accounts! We were very flattered!  They were in good company though, after all even Paris Hilton paped the Pineapple Cheerleaders!

It was a busy day with no rest for us cheerleaders. In our breaks from filming the promo we were asked to film for the official Big Brother website! We even did some customised Big Brother Pineapple Cheerleader cheers! We were just practising some moves when Brian Dowling, the new presenter for the show ran into the middle of our cheer circle! Now... we never miss an opportunity to launch into a cheer, so we spontaneously gave him a special “We love Brian!” chant! We hope he liked it!

In the afternoon it was time to film our close up shots! For our first shot we were working with Jodie marsh and showing off some of our perfect formations! Then we had to hide Pete and Kemal in our Pom Pon’s and do a big reveal shot! We were very careful not to mess up Kemal’s hair, we don’t like it when we get cheerstyled out either! Pete was very sweet and thanked us and said he liked working with us! We also had a lovely chat with the twins 'SamAnda' , as we just had to find out where their stylish dresses were from! They were very kind and complimented us on our amazing abs! Now we work to maintain the Pineapple Cheerleader figure, we are always dancing, so keep super fit! We said they should come and do a class at Pineapple Studios with us one day!

We had a fabulous and fun day filming at Ch5! All the celebs were lovely and made sure they said goodbye when it was time for us to leave!

All the guys at Ch5 were great to work with, they really looked after us and kept us in the loop of when and where we would be needed! Every time we see the promo on TV it reminds us of what a great day we had! :D Now we can’t wait for the show to start! Look out Big Brother... the Pineapple Cheerleaders are coming for you.

Cheer hugs and best wishes,
Leana! xoxo

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