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Diary of a Cheerleader

2009 Auditions Experience - Cheer Diary

2009 Auditions

By Aimee 

Auditions time again! We always have a squad girl on the judging panel for auditions and this time the coaches asked me to do it. The standard of those who had got through to the audition was high and from the start I could see some stars in the making.  More and more people want to audition for our fab squad! And who can blame them, last year was fantastic, with some very high profile gigs- Race of Champions, Sunday Night Project trailer, High School Musical Show...to name a few. The word is out - Pineapple Cheerleaders rock and everyone wants to be one ;o) not to blow our own trumpet...hehe.


The first part of the audition consists of learning one of our squad cheers which they have to perform to the panel to show off cheer technique. I love watching people do cheer as it’s so different from pom dance and it’s one of those sink or swim moments! The next round is pom dance which is the most fun! Its all about performance and big cheer smiles and everyone loves showing off with poms ;D It was great to see the girls all had their own style and you could tell they really wanted to get through callbacks. Round 3 is skills & flexibilty and by this stage most of the girls were fantastic. Their high kicks were to shoulder level and they could all do the splits so we knew they would not struggle to keep up if they made it onto the squad. Some of the girls had flat box splits and could do Scorpian stretches already so we were impressed. Being in the squad is not just about being a great performer, you also have to have the personality to be able to work a crowd so the final stage of the audition is an individual interview. The final 10 have individual interviews with the panel to find out whether they have the ‘Pineapple Cheerleaders’ spirit. Sounds scary but it’s actually fun because you get to find out what it’s really like in the squad.


Then, it was time to choose. It’s a tough decision because you know people have been training for the audition and they really want it. Plus, it’s a tight squad and we spend a lot of time together so you know that whomever you choose is not just joining a squad, but they’re going to be a big part of your life for the coming months so it’s really exciting. This time, what swung it for the girls we took on was their dance & flexibility skill which I must say all the newbies were fantastic at! We took on 5 new girls - welcome on board cheerleaders!
I really enjoyed helping out. It certainly bought back memories of when i auditioned and it was good to be on the other side...although for some reason, I was still nervous hehe x