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Diary of a Cheerleader

Spring Break Party - Cheer Diary

Partying at Spring BreakSpring Break Party 2009


By Heather


Last night was the Pineapple Cheerleaders SPRING BREAK Party and if you weren't there, you totally missed out!!! It’s our first big party of the year and our chance to showcase the 2009 routines ready for the Summer season. Plus, it's a great excuse to throw a crazy night of fun.  You've never partied unless you've partied with 20 cheerleaders, it's all about the pom poms, free cocktails and kicking ass on the dance floor - cheerleader style!


This year the party was at Volstead. It’s a chiq members club off Regent Street and we’ve worked there before doing freestyle dance so we know the team well and they’re a really cool crowd! We arrived early at the club and took over the place with our hair styling, make up & rehearsals, with a few glasses of champagne to celebrate. Before we knew it there was a queue outside and it was party time! We had a players’ tunnel to welcome guests and then gave them all leis on arrival to help them get in the Spring Break mood as well as tropical vodka cocktails made with pineapple juice of course. We performed our 2009 routines throughout the evening and they rocked - people went crazy for the cheerleaders. Fitting in our signature kickline was a bit of a squeeze but the guests loved it and everyone was cheering us especially when we all did the splits.


Being cheerleaders, we all love to dance and show off so we even did an impromptu dance off to Britney’s ‘Circus’ with high kicks, flips & splits – Britney would have been proud! The energy we created rubbed off brilliantly and when it came to the Limbo competition the crowd really amazed us, we gave away copies of the exclusive Pineapple Cheerleaders 2009 calendar as prizes for the guests who got the lowest. I loved meeting our clients and fans and dancing with them the early hours. But best of all I love partying with these girls. It's true that cheerleaders have all the fun and I can’t wait for many more fun and exciting events ahead.