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Diary of a Cheerleader

FYI Launch - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleaders in the hotel roomFyi launch - Birmingham trip

By Rossella 

Are you ready for a road trip? Well we certainly were! This week the Pineapple Cheerleaders travelled to the Birmingham Hilton Hotel for the launch of the new FYI make up and beauty range for Arbonne.  Arriving the day before the launch party, we were shown to our individual suites. After an intense rehearsal session & tech run through on the main stage…the sauna, jacuzzi and wonderful pool awaited!  Of course some we turned some  heads when making our way to the spa and especially in the pool where we all thought it was a good idea to do heel stretches in the water…we cant help it… we love to stretch  ;-) ! 


Performing a split lift at FYI launchThe day comes to an end and a fabulous dinner is followed by mandatory slumber party - Candy, sweets, cute pjs and facials for everyone. Then, after all the fun…beauty sleep calls.  

The morning of the show and a healthy breakfast is a must before we're called for warm up. Finally the launch hour is here, its time to shake the multi-coloured coloured pom poms! The minute the FYI words are whispered, the audience goes crazy -cheering and clapping! Hey we’re the cheerleaders!!!! The vibe is so great…show time! We welcome the audience with a customized FYI cheer, needless to say how much they enjoyed it, and straight after a spectacular performance of our signature routine ‘Rock this party’! It went down so well the crowd called us back for an encore! Way to go Birmingham! What a fantastic show and so sweet of the organisers to thank us with luxury FYI goodie bags! Bye bye Hilton… till next time Arbonne!