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Diary of a Cheerleader

Stephen Fry Book Launch - Cheer Diary

Stephen Fry flanked by Pineapple CheerleadersStephen Fry Book Launch

By Suzy


“Hey you, listen up, we’ve got something to say, Stephen Fry in America, launches today!”

Wow, what an amazing day, the combination of Stephen Fry and Pineapple Cheerleaders proved magical! Perhaps not the first combination you would think of but together we were fabulous! Stephen Fry was in Mayfair launching his new book “Stephen Fry In America” (to go with the BBC TV series) and we were invited along to add some American Cheerleader glamour to the event. You should have seen his face when we all started cheering, kicking & doing the splits to welcome him!

With our red uniforms and blue and white pom poms we kicked off the launch and greeted Stephen with a customised cheer especially for him (he loved it!). The photographers had a field day. Everyone was shouting "This way, this way" and the cameras were flashing like crazy. All I can say it, it's a good job Pineapple Cheerleaders have such great smiles because we had to hold them for ages so that they could all get a good shot. Sounds easy, but try doing it while balancing in a heel stretch or scorpian pose - ouch! After we'd dazzled the photographers with our flexibility we stuck around for an hour to entertain the crowd with our Stephen Fry related cheers! They couldn't get enough of us. Even passers by, who knew nothing about the book launch, were stopping to find out what was going on and take photos of us on their phones. We definitely bought some American spirit to Mayfair!