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Diary of a Cheerleader

Radio One Scott Mills Show - Cheer Diary

Pineapple Cheerleader with JLS Radio One Scott Mills Show 

By Greta 

OMG I love Scott Mills, and so when a squad girl was needed to appear on his Radio One show I jumped at the chance. “All you have to do is teach a cheer to Becky, the producer”. Sounds like fun. I took some Pineapple Cheerleaders clothes down for Becky to wear to help her feel like a squad girl plus a couple of squad calendars as a gift for the boys. 

I had no idea the excitement a cheerleader would cause! Even people who didn’t work on the show popped in just to say hello and from the moment I took the shiny gold poms out of my bag everyone was buzzing around wanting to have a go. It just so happened that X-Factor boyband JLS were also passing by so Scott invited them to come in and watch too. It was so much fun.


 Becky was hilarious and surprisingly talented. She put on the uniform and got into the spirit straight away as I styled her hair into bunches and we started doing lunges to warm up. Then we were live on air. Scott interviewed me which was great as I got to talk about my favourite subject – cheerleading! Then I had just two tracks to teach Becky how to be a cheerleader. Of course, we ended up doing much more than a cheer. The team decided that I should give Becky an audition as if she were trying out for the squad. So in addition to a Scott Mills themed cheer, I showed her the Pineapple Cheerleaders’ signature kickline followed by a lesson on how to do the splits (much to the entertainment of the boys!).  Then it was time for Becky to show her stuff. She really went for it and we were all impressed. Even JLS commented on how well she did at the splits. But after the show, they were more interested in checking out the Pineapple Cheerleaders calendar & posing for photos with me! Sometimes I really love my job ; )