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Diary of a Cheerleader

Race Of Champions - Cheer Diary

 Race of Champions at Wembley

Pineapple Cheerleader gets drenched in Champagne by Schumacher & Vettel

By Jen

This has to be the gig of the year. 50,000 screaming fans, international sports stars, celebs, Sky Sports live coverage, the cutest ever Mrs Santa outfits and the chance to say Hello Wembley!  

It all started two months ago when we started training for Race of champions. It’s a huge event bringing together the world’s greatest Formula 1, MotoGP and NASCAR drivers, and we were the sideline & half time entertainment. Right from the start we knew we’d have to pull out all the stops as the head of ROC came over from Monaco just to meet the Pineapple Cheerleaders and see how rehearsals were going. We had to learn four routines including one to the ROC soundtrack (a sort of German style 80’s mix).  By the end of rehearsals we were totally hyped and couldn’t stop singing the ROC track “this is gonna be great!”

 Q. How many cheerleaders does it take to find the back entrance to Wembley?...A: twelve, and it will take them an hour! Rehearsal day:  we all rocked up at Wembley . Well, I say rocked up…what actually happened was we got lost trying to find our way into the stadium which was completely deserted.  And it being December, there was of course a torrential rain storm, made worse when powerful winds blew three of our umbrellas away. Thank goodness we all had our make up, mirrors, and battery powered curling tongs so we could fix our hair before making an appearance. Having found the entrance, rehearsals then went well and we all went home excited about the next day. 

The event itself was crazy fun! First we did a photo call with all of the drivers. We were faced with about 50 of photographers flashing their cameras and shouting ‘this way’. Then we were shown to our own Pineapple Cheerleaders box which was right on the start finish line – the best seats in the stadium! We were interviewed by the commentator on the big screen and I got to fulfil a lifelong ambition and shout ‘Hello Wembley!’ Then it was non stop. We were performing routines between races, freestyling to entertain the crowds, cheering the races on or doing interviews and posing for photos with the drivers in the players’ lounge. We even got to stand on the podium with the winning drivers which seemed like fun until they got their champagne out and started soaking everyone in sight. That’s when the podium is the worst place to be. Poor Mirela got drenched by Sebastian Vettel – she only managed to fight him off by hitting him with his own flag. It took five cheerleaders to dry & re-style her hair in time for the next performance!  

And it was just as well we got her ready in time because the next performance was the highlight; a special routine for Lewis Hamilton which we performed on the bridge in the middle of the stadium whilst Lewis drove his winning 2008 McLaren round the track & then ran up to meet us on the bridge for an interview with Sky Sports.  

What an amazing day…and that’s before we even got to the after party!!!