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Diary of a Cheerleader

Ascot - Diary Entry

Pinepple Cheerleaders ready to perform for the crowds at AscotAscot 

By Aimee 

Today was the day to show Ascot what they’ve been missing! Pineapple Cheerleaders! Eight of the P.C's went to cheer at the Dubai Shergar Cup in front of a 28,000 strong crowd. 

As always we can’t resist practicing so we started the day of with a fun rehearsal on the train...well you can never be too prepared, although we did worry one of the guards who came to see why the carriage was 'rocking' lol! That must have been our kick line!

Arriving at Ascot, we jumped off the train and headed to the race track. The sun was beaming down but with such lovely weather and beautiful flowery surroundings, there was one problem...WASPS! It turns out wasps love our pom pons as much as we do and during our rehearsal poor PC Emma got stung by a wasp hiding in her gold poms!  

But no time for tears, brave Emma soldiered on as we headed to the dressing room and put on the gorgeous new uniforms. There were four different outfits, Greta and I were supporting Great Britain and wearing the red uniform for their autograph signing. As I stood behind Darryl Holland and posed for snaps I loved the fantastic atmosphere and it was great to see some of our fans and start their day off with a smile :) After the autograph signing it was time for us to 'Rock this party so we wowed the crowd with an energetic, high kicked cheertastic performance of our signature routine.

Then it was race time! At the start of each race we performed on our very own custom built stage right by the race track...the crowd loved it! Although we had to be careful not to cheer too loudly as the horses went past...we didn’t want to scare them : ) Then it was a mad dash back to the dressing room where we were all on tender hooks waiting for the results of the race, not because we’d placed a bet, but because we had seconds to change into the winning teams colours and get out into the parade ring to perform victory routines and pose for photos. By the 6th race we had this down and our quickest time for a full team change was 1min and 38 seconds!

Ireland hit a winning streak and as the sun set they we moved on to the closing ceremony. Ireland were crowned the overall winner and handed the Shergar cup trophy...Great Britain however decided the Jockeys and cheerleaders all deserved a soaking in champagne...now we’ve been here before and know the drill so we immediately screamed and ran to the back of the stage to protect are hair and uniforms! You can’t out smart a cheerleader!

And finally as it was a family day, we had a treat in store the kids - a High School Musical workshop. 50 kids flooded into the parade ring to learn the HSM routine...it was so cute! Some of them thought we were actually from the film. Lol

After an amazing day of dancing, cheering and quick changes our lovely clients came in our dressing room with a couple of bottles of champagne. We gave them a thank you cheer for all their help today and then all sipped on champagne before we headed off to the after party, but I’ll let Heather tell you all about that ; )

See you again next year Ascot!