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Diary of a Cheerleader

Silverstone - Diary Entry



Sarah's toe touchRenault World Series at Silverstone

By Vicki

The road trip to Silverstone was highly anticipated. Finally the weekend had come to see if all our hard work had paid off and to show our new slick routines to our fans. The fun started on the drive up there, we turned heads on the motorway blaring out Britney Spears in a pink 4x4 (nobody expected cheerleaders to be brightening up there rush hour) it really got us all in the mood for performing. However I think we got a bit too carried away as we realised we were heading into Northamptonshire - completely the wrong direction!

So, we quickly turned around to get back on track to our hotel where the rest of the cheerleaders were awaiting our arrival. Cheerleaders in charge of a map, what could go so wrong?

We awoke the next day at 5.30am for hair and make-up, everybody despite the early hour was in very high spirits. The sky was blue and sun was shining we knew we had a great day ahead of us. We were given cute little Renault cheerleading uniforms so everyone new who we were. We were treated like celebrities, after one of the routines a boy asked me for my autograph – “with love Vicki xx” I signed, it was so exciting!

We had 3 routines to perform, Britney Spears – Circus, Bon Jovi – Living on a prayer and Bob Sinclair- Everybody dance now. All very energetic and sexy. In the Britney routine Sarah performed a front flip into a toe touch and the crowd erupted into a frenzy. Made me very proud to be part of such a talented squad. On our lunch break we sat and watched some of the racing in our own box (most of us were sunbathing) but it was so loud we had to get some ear plugs! The Renault cars were very extraordinary, brand new and very fast. Enthusiasts took pictures of us posing by the cars it was so cool.

At the end of the day we were all ready to celebrate so we all put on our glamorous evening dresses and went for a slap up meal. It definitely hit the spot! We toasted to the success of the day and eventually made it back to our hotel for an early night as we were doing it all again tomorrow.

The next day was even hotter, the hottest day of the year by far. But that didn’t stop us from putting on tour spectacular routines, oh no, we even added our infamous split lift at the beginning of everybody dance now, the crowd loved our stunting. Everybody wanted to dance after we performed.

The weekend was a huge hit, the squad could pat themselves well and truly on the back for all the hard work and dedication we put in to making Silverstone races a joyful family weekend of fun J

Thank you to all the girls for making the experience so memorable!